#127. Workout Shirtless


I do Pilates every Friday with my friend (& kick butt Pilates guru), Samira. That, combined with Crossfit, is the reason I am probably the most fit I’ve been in my life (or at least since 10th grade). I can do a ton of pushups, and I make planks my bitch. But I am far cry from sporting a ripped six-pack. I’m firm, just not toned… which is one of many reasons that I wear a shirt when I exercise.

Gals prancing around in hot pants and a sports bra at the gym? Yay for them! If my bod looked that good, I’d probably run around naked. Never in my life have I ever worked out in just a sports bra. However, last Friday at Pilates, I found myself at a crossroads. The heating system in Sam’s building is fickle and for some reason last week, it was akin to… I dunno… the surface of the sun. It was either die of heat exhaustion or take off my top.

I’m totally not comfortable working out in just a sports bra, especially when whatever I’m doing requires a lot of bending and contorting. My body image is fine, but still it makes me incredibly self conscious. Josh claims that taking my top off in this situation– in a private one-on-one session with a friend– “doesn’t count as scary.” Puh-lease. Have you ever noticed that the bigger a man’s gut, the smaller his swimsuit? Most men don’t give a rip about loafin’ around with their top off. Maybe I’m way off base here, but I think it’s a completely different deal for ladies. If any females would like to chime in, I am all about that.

Anyhow, I opted for a shirtless workout and I survived. I eventually forgot that I was only wearing my sports bra & leggings. However, next time I’m showing up in a tank top, not long sleeves.

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