#132. Hire a Wedding Photographer

I’m convinced that there’s only one circumstance in most men’s lives when they’re thrilled to have their photo taken: after he’s bagged a deer/duck/elk or caught an enormous fish. If your guys aren’t into hunting/fishing, I’m sorry. They probably never like posing for the camera.

When the subject of photos at our wedding came up, Josh tried to convince me that “everyone has a smart phone these days, why do we even need a photographer?” Nice try, pal. It’s one of the most important events in our lives, and many of our most important people will be there. Photos are a non-negotiable.

Josh and I looked into many local photogs (of which Minneapolis has many). Apparently, people enjoy being engaged for 18-300 months and book their photographers a bazilion years in advance. Not only that, but they cost a fortune! Holy sh*t… maybe that whole smart phone idea wasn’t so bad after all!

Through my thorough Googling and asking around, I stumbled upon Jonny Edwin’s photos. They were gorgeous, with so much personality and style. And bonus, the guy was one of the more economical choices. I crossed my fingers and sent him an email, asking him if by some act of god he was available on our date. He was (!), so we met him at a our neighborhood coffee joint to discuss the big day. I was already sold after seeing his stunning work; Josh was sold when Jonny told him he could probably get all of our wedding party pics taken in 20 minutes or less.

We snatched him up faster than I want to snatch up some Girl Scout cookies right now… hold on a sec…. damn those Thin Mints are good. Anyway, committing to a photographer is a big box to check off. It’s scary… think about this: I will be spending ALL of my wedding day with Jonny (really, from getting ready to us bidding adieu to our guests, he’ll be there). Plus, he is capturing a moment in our lives that will live on long after Josh and I do. I cherish my grandparents & great-grandparents wedding photos. We hope our grandkids will feel the same (no pressure…). He did an excellent job with our engagement photos (one of my favorites is posted above), so I don’t think I have much to worry about.

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