#106. Vacay with the [Future] In-laws

Ahhh.... paradise.
Ahhh…. paradise.

Josh and I have been a “thing” for over five years. We live approximately five hours from his parents, driving-wise, on a good-weather-don’t-have-to-pee-every-45-minutes day. This means we see them regularly, but don’t see them for long periods of time. Nearly every visit happens on a weekend, which means we almost always get to join them for a Friday fish fry, basically THE MOST AMAZING Wisconsin thing you can do.

Anyhow, his parents and sister are great people– laid back, fun, not too serious or stuffy. When they offered up an opportunity to ditch the frozen tundra for a week-long escape to Mexico, Josh and I immediately started packing… even though the trip was four months away.

Considering the aforementioned distance between Minneapolis and Josh’s hometown, this trip would mark the most consecutive days I’ve spent with his family. Traveling with people can be intense at times, especially when you are in close quarters and especially when you throw family dynamics in there (as we say in my fam, we put the “fun” in dysfunctional). I worried mostly about myself, sincerely hoping I wouldn’t inadvertently offend anyone, over-step my bounds, pound too many margs by the pool and take my top off (like I normally do on vacation). ‘Cause the thing is that this isn’t just Josh’s family anymore, they’re my family, too.

Good genes.
Good genes.

Despite one of us dealing with a hernia, and four out of the five of us battling a case of Montezuma’s revenge (spoiler alert: I was the only one who made it out unscathed), and just a wee bit of sunburn across the board, we made it through the adventure intact. Lots of fun cooking in our condo, walking on the beach and some absolutely stellar meals (except the one that got everyone sick, which we suspect was from some produce we purchased at a mega-store that rhymes with Schmal-Cart). In fact, if you’re heading to Cancun any time soon and you’re a food person, you absolutely must try Du Mexique. Best grub in town. And when I say grub, I mean kinda fancy French food.

Thanks to the FIL’s (future in-laws) for your kindness. I’m looking forward to officially joining your crew.

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