#105. Try Out My New Chemex

Santa finally got me what’s I’ve been asking him for since 2010: A Chemex. And by Santa, I mean the Beyonce’s parents. Not only does this thing brew the smoothest coffee ever, but it looks great in my kitchen.

I’d never used a Chemex before, but the brew method seemed fairly straightforward: Grind coffee, place in filter atop beauteous glass carafe and pour hot water over the top. Boom. I didn’t have the conic Chemex filters for my first run, but I am an impatient person who wants things when I want them, so I just used a regular coffee filter. This is coffee, not rocket surgery.

Just the grounds.
Just the grounds.
The grounds, with water.
The grounds, with water.

Whereas my normal drip pot is a set-it-and-forget-it approach to brewing, the Chemex requires a little more TLC. You can only add a few ounces of water at a time. However, the result is an absolutely smooth cup o joe. Thanks to Cindy and Dave, er, Santa for making my coffee dreams come true.

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