This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Check out this trailer for the documentary Twinsters. Incredible, no?

As someone who “allegedly” has terrible vocal fry (according to jerks on the Internet, anyway), I loved this article about how young women’s voices are being policed

Andy Erikson Stein is one of the funniest people ever, and last week, she competed on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She killed it. Here’s a very thoughtful, brave piece on how she started comedy, plus some insight on what life is like for someone with Marfan Syndrome. 

First female coach in the NFL. Boom. 


19 French words you’ve been saying wrong all these years. Touché, French people. Touché.

Can walking in nature drastically change your brain function? According to this NYT piece, yep.

I can never, ever find the right sized furniture for my space. This Yes & Yes guest post choosing the right furniture is chockfull of helpful info, per usual.

Finally… Do you need to relax? Let this guided meditation help.

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My most popular post this week was about going 0-60 in a Tesla. SO FUN.

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  • Nina Badzin 5 years ago Reply

    LOVE the guided meditation one. Ha!

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