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Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy this digital Ma’s Day card from Barats & Bereta

A week or two ago, I asked readers to anonymously share their salary on my blog. The response was overwhelming and continues to grow. I think most of us are eager to share what we make, but don’t really know how to do so in a non-threatening manner. Maybe because money talk is the last great taboo

New podcast alert: The Lifesize Liberation Podcast with Sarah Ramsden. She talks to people who’ve made BIG changes in their lives. I was her guest this week, but trust me when I say that’s not the only reason I’m passing it along. Good content, y’all!

I have a few people I want to coerce into building a besties row with me. It’s like the Golden Girls, except without the rattan sofa!

Making this delicious-looking ginger-scallion sauce this week. Yum!

Do you love Mad Men? I do, even though I’m sometimes like what is the point of this show? Who IS Don Draper? Why does the plot move so slowly?  Anyhoo… all of these lingering questions are why I was so engrossed in this essay all about speculation of the end of Mad Men. It’s so well-researched and thought out that I don’t want to call it speculation. I want to call it a flat-out spoiler alert. But really, the way she ties Mad Men to D.B. Cooper is simply too brilliant to ignore. I read it, and I’ll be watching next weekend with bated breath. 

Vietnamese-owned and operated nail salons have always intrigued me. They’re all so similar, down to the art on the walls. Here’s a reason why so many Vietnamese men and women work in the nail business. Plus, a horrifying look into why your manicure is so cheap (especially true for people in big cities, like New York, LA & Chicago).

Not knowing what to say when a friend gets diagnosed with cancer is no longer an excuse now that Emily McDowell’s spot-on empathy cards exist.  

My friend and food writer Josh Ozersky passed away unexpectedly last Monday. He was THE meat guy– the authority on all things burger, a bbq freak and the creator of Meatopia, a culinary festival dedicated to celebrating, you guessed it, meat. I looked at his twitter feed after I heard the news and had to laugh when I saw the last thing he posted was about how even non-animal lovers should go meat-free. Not every day, just some days. He wasn’t being facetious; I know this guy had serious ethics about consuming animals, and this article highlights just a few of them. Josh, you will be missed. 

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