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I gotta say, Flex Cam is giving Kiss Cam a run for it’s money. Watch it until the end. You got owned by a girl, Steve*!

*probably not his name, but whatever.

Realest read of the week: Harmony gets real about having an autistic daughter. A quickie excerpt:

An autism diagnosis is like taking a sharp left in your life path through unknown and unplanned for territory but eventually, the path starts to veer a bit back to the right. You’ll never get completely back onto the path you had envisioned before your child was born but you’ll be moving forward, creating your own road.

File this under awesome: Lake Michigan is currently so clear that you can see shipwrecks from a plane

Hey Twin Cities. A new tool library makes getting spendy tools a breeze. No more excuses to not DIY the crap out of your house. Well, except that you’re lazy. 

This guy won a James Beard Award for this essay on Taco Bell. After reading it, I can’t say I’m surprised. 

Thinking about giving up? Read this first


I watched this video and was floored at how easy candles are to make. WTH! Who wants to have a candle party?

* * *

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Comments (2)

  • Morgan A. 5 years ago Reply

    Ahh, how amazing/creepy are those shipwrecks?! And yes I would love to make candles 😉 The mosquito ones I buy NEVER work lol.

    X. Morgan

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply

    The shipwrecks are very cool.

    I’m getting that soy wax asap!

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