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Last week, my favorite DJ on The Current (hi Jake Rudh!) did an hour dedicated to yacht rock. You know what? I love yacht. LOVE IT. Not ironically! Give me Michael McDonald and Hall & Oates all day long. Anyhow, the set was inspired by the above sort of funny 2007 YouTube series. You guys remember it? PS if you’re awesome and love yacht rock (or still don’t even know what I’m talking about), listen to Jake Rudh’s entire yacht rock set here.

I like camping, but I don’t need to light the world on fire with my survival and tarping skills. That’s why I’m a fan of ye olde car camping, as is my friend Annie of The Midwestival. Here’s her indoorsy person’s guide to camping

This lady basically works for Peterman. Check out her trivia challenge, sweetly entitled, “Lines from Great Russian Literature or Emails from My Boss.”

The Olsen twins are getting sued by their interns, who were forced to work 50 hour weeks (gasp!) and do menial tasks, like coffee runs (the horror!). I don’t know what I’m more irritated about: the fact that millennials continue to live up to their entitled, bratty stereotypes, OR the fact that I apparently could’ve sued every company I ever interned for. 

One more reason the Packers are one of the coolest sports teams ever: Jordy Nelson spends the off-season working on his family’s farm. Pshhht. That guys is awesome.

Are you lucky enough to still have a grandma? Make her a bridesmaid at your wedding. You will not be sorry.  

Want more joy & happiness? Do it with this super doable plan, based on science

I’m obsessed with Old Navy’s compression yoga pants. Guess what’s different about them and my lululemon/athleta leggings? How ’bout they cost $50 less. 

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