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Yep, so advanced directives ain’t sexy, but they’re a pretty darn important thing to have. Or at least I hear that. I need to get my poop in a group and do mine. Check out Caitlin’s video to see why. Think of it like this: figuring out your advanced directives is your Hey Eleanor challenge for the day. FUN!

Ever wonder what happens when someone hires an escort? I kind of have, and it was nothing like this experience. Probably because I don’t think of 25-year-old girls hiring a boyfriend for the night. At any rate, a light and bubbly read.

How to eat on a budget while traveling. Dude… these guys nailed my numero uno tip: only one splurge-y meal a day. 

Elaine Benes gets a modern-day makeover and I love how she basically can look the exact same. Welcome back to the 90s, y’all!

The only reason I want summer to go faster is because it means we’re getting closer to the new Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix. Camp Firewood, I love you!

I just wanted to share this post about how women undermine themselves with words. In my opinion, we should talk about this more. Am I making sense?

And here’s my most popular post of the week: Are you ready to reclaim the term homemaker? I’m not quite there, but I definitely am one. 

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