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James Murphy is doing his part to make NYC commuters’ day better by turning the subway turnstiles into a symphony. I, for one, love it.

John Stewart shares his sobering thoughts on the Charleston shooting. That guy is just so good. John, please don’t go away! We need you!

It’s hard to believe anyone would regret this decision, but okay: 42-year-old man with 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos is getting them removed, and not with a wrecking ball, either. 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech on ‘Being Liked’ might change your whole life.


A week ago, I wrote about how I’m tired of people telling me to carry a gun. Someone sent me a link to Australian comedian Jim Jefferies’ stand-up bit on the US and gun ownership, and guys, I know it’s polarizing, but he’s pretty damn funny! Lots of good points, too. 

Planning reading Grey, the latest installment of the 50 Shades of Nonsense series? How about you read Scott Bryan’s hilarious recap of all the terribly written dirty bits. Ha, dirty bits. Exactly. NSFW, obviously. 

Obsessed with Game of Thrones, even though you are vocally P.O.’d at how last season ended? Me too (side note: 36 questions we have after seeing the season 5 season finale). But anyhow, here’s a very informative world map that show where ever single episode has been filmed. Get your passport, people!

Yes x 100000: Present Perfect explores the very real experience of aging in America– both growing up, and growing old. As a person who adores old people, I think this is great… though I do distinctly remember being very afraid of visiting my great-grandma in the nursing home as a kid! These kids don’t seem scared, though. 

Want to accelerate your learning? Just own it.

Androgyny is so hot right now.

Naughty-naughty: this guy snuck into the currently under construction Vikings Stadium. He’s clearly nuts, but I loved the photos!

And lastly, thanks to the Val-Kill Partnership for reaching out to me via twitter. Can’t wait to visit them out east soon, but in the meantime, check out their awesome tumblr dedicated to all things Eleanor (and other Roosevelts, too).  

* * *

PS My most popular post this week was about decluttering my bookshelf using the KonMari Method. Before & After pics included! 

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