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I can barely watch the trailer to Love & Mercy without crying. So excited to see this movie and I can’t believe I haven’t yet! Oh, and PS, my amazing husband is taking me to see BRIAN WILSON AND RODRIGUEZ (!) in NASHVILLE for our anniversary in a few weeks! 


Even non-animals lovers will shed a tear at this touching video about a man and his trusty best pal. Happy trails to you, Denali!

It’s officially summer and can’t wait to make this super refreshing Thai salad

Speaking of summer eats, some insight as to why fruit sometimes tastes like crud.

Dying is hard work. Here’s a very honest, very sad, very real, very human account everyone should read

Kate Moss, you are in fact a bad-ass.

Chicago Trib writer Heidi Stevens isn’t getting a new photo for her column, so stop bitching about it already. 

Very Eleanor: How to conquer fear, scientifically

Chronically late? Nope, you’re actually just an asshole


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