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As a longtime Troop Beverly Hills fan, I was always kind of annoyed that Jenny Lewis was irritated whenever people would bring up her past as a child actor. Luckily, she’s changed her tune in this new music video. Ten million high fives!

What would you do if some fancy artist sold your Instagram images for thousands of dollars?


File this under awwww: a son makes this amazing video to help his mom find a boyfriend

Please no one read into this too much, but I find myself asking this question often: How do you stay friendly without becoming friends?

Do this now: write a love letter to a stranger. Or someone you know. Whatever, both are great!

To the moms and other people who aren’t necessarily DIY crafty, but feel like you gotta be to keep up with the @jones’? How about just stop. 


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  • Nina Badzin 5 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much! I love writing that friendship column because it makes me feel way more normal for essentially over thinking so much of this stuff. I can tell from the letters I get that I am not alone. 😉

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