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It’s wedding season! Here’s a video of some kids who are already over it

Comedian/writer Tess Rafferty’s new podcast Regrets Only is hysterical and all pop culture junkies/people who enjoy laughing should listen.

My husband told me he didn’t really like my new sandals because they’re “too 90s.” Duh, that’s precisely why I bought (& love!) them!

I got a huge response from last week’s Hey Eleanor podcast on tattoo removal. Apparently, I’m not the only food writer delving into the subject. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl talks to the owner of FadeAway, a tattoo removal parlor in Nordeast Minneapolis. Guys, you really don’t have to live with that tramp stamp!

Okay, either you are going to think this video is insensitive or hilarious (I’m in the latter camp), but I think the point is KRIS JENNER IS STILL CASHING IN on her whole connection to the Nicole Brown Simpson murder and it is so WEIRD, and AWKWARD. Hugh Acheson just kinda nailed it. 

Guys! Glutenberg IPA tastes like real beer and is gluten-free! I’m not super-de-super strict about my gluten consumption, but if you are and miss a true hoppy beer, your prayers have been answered. 

If I were born today, I guess my name would be Ariel, which would’ve actually been cool 20 years ago because of the Little Mermaid.  What would your 2015 name be

Are you charging what you’re worth

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