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Happy Sunday! This video is equal parts adorable and heartbreaking, and simply reinforces how fast life moves and why you should appreciate all the moments you get do whatever it is you love– the little stuff, like cooking, hiking, biking and dancing. PS doesn’t she look a bit like Rihanna? In the earlier years, obviously. 

Yay to this person for figuring out how to live in 90 sq feet… but also yay to me for living in Minneapolis! One of the many reasons I love living in a smaller-ish big city. Room to sprawl, real kitchens, unshared bathrooms and parking spaces, all for less than this is chick pays to live in a closet with a sink. 

I am for sure seeing this documentary about a Scandinavian women’s volleyball team. The youngest lady is 66, the oldest is 98! Watch the trailer and your heart will grow 3-to-4 times in size.

My life and neighborhood just got 100000 times cooler

A great essay on how quitting your job will f#$% up your life, but it’s probably worth it. 

Telling your friends how much you make: do or don’t? Check out why Meredith Bennett-Smith thinks it’s a do

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  • Dawn Bromander 5 years ago Reply

    Fantastic round up!!

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