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As someone who tends to laugh hysterically in stressful moments, I fell in love with this little girl getting a flu shot. Been there!

I can’t even imagine caring this much about anything. Kudos to you, pastry chef man!

These crispy short ribs would look really good on my dining room table, then on my plate, then in my face. 

The story behind Charity Water is pretty darn inspiring. Wish I’d thought of spending my entire 20s meeting rich and famous people so in my 30s I could ask them to help me save the world. You think I’m being sarcastic. Not really. That was a great idea, even though it was unintentional. 

Speaking inspiring, this article by the paralyzed bride is an excellent read. She’s getting naked, having great sex and going to be a mom. Thumbs up!

Don’t even care if this do-gooder elephant is a set up (I really hope it’s not). But at any rate, if an elephant feels compelled to do this, you should, too. 

Girls getting ponies for Christmas? Eye-roll. Or maybe I’m just jealous. Whatever. 

Love this new blog I stumbled upon. Start seeing things!

And in case you missed it, here’s what I’m making people for Christmas. More of a buyer than a DIYer? Here’s my favorite practical gifts for home cooks (all experience levels!) and people who love movies, books and tunes

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