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How to perfectly dice an onion. Pretty brilliant, Mr. Fox!

Last week, Target laid off a loads of khaki & red wearing folks. I loved this post about why losing your job, though difficult, isn’t always the worst thing in the world. Plus, Twin Cities companies stepping up to help former Target employees through this hard time (and no, it’s not only free booze).   

Thinking about going paleo? Here’s the 12 blogs you might want to start reading

Bah! So cool: This lady has spent the last 14 years photographing the world’s oldest trees

If this is real, it could be my next car. Though I’d still rather have an original.

I cannot wait to see this documentary about the man behind the bird

What? The next real-life Derek Zoolander is a lady? Believe it! (and she’s pretty sexy!)

Not sure how to meditate? Maybe this will help

Ever wonder what happens when you donate your body to science? Apparently, it’s a little more awesome in the UK. 

Do you like funny stuff? Then you might like this

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