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If this was a real movie, I’d be the first in line. I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it. 


I don’t know if you’ve ever listened Go Fork Yourself, the podcast I co-host with Andrew Zimmern. But this week’s episode is the perfect place to start. Listen to your fave food personalities– like Lidia Bastianich, Michael White and Daniel Boulud– read their love letter to food. My personal faves are food writer Kevin Pang’s letter to Lipitor and Chef Doug Flicker puttin’ the moves on chicken wings. PS If you’re in Minneapolis, go eat at Doug’s restaurant. It’s so flippin good. 


Want to up your home cooking game? Check out Food52’s guide to 5 Mother Sauces Everyone Should Know. I can admit I’ve only made two of these ever in my life, so mastering all five seems (and then building on them) seems like a fun experiment/good life skill. Hey Eleanor! 


Badass lady alert:  She’s 83 and a supermodel. I’m in awe. Look at the photos.


People are still talking about the Serial podcast. Even celebrities (just the smart ones, though). Be prepared to extra-love Ewan McGregor. 

This week, my friend Jack’s LinkedIn post went bananagrams on the Internet. I’m not surprised. It’s hilarious and on a #trending topic. What if Kanye West Was Your Co-worker? As an aside, Maybe I Should Start Posting Articles on LinkedIn?

Ever since the Grammys (which I didn’t watch because I can watch the highlights later), my Sia obsession resurfaced with a frenzy. I think I listened to her Spotify station for hrrrmmm nine hours last week? Anyhow, I’ve watched this Kristen Wiig/Maddie Dance Moms Chandelier video a bazillion times and I still can’t get enough! Love the song, love the intensity/weirdness, love the nude body suits.

Also, and I am just going to put it out there, I actually liked that polarizing Elastic Heart music video. It’s strange, for sure, but didn’t think it was creepy. I’ll admit I also found Shia LaBeouf to be a little h-o-t, and since we all know what a weirdo he is, that’s something I’m still trying to come to terms with. 


Since we’re on the topic of possibly insane people, check out this story about the folks volunteering to live & die on Mars. I’m equal parts befuddled and in awe.


Lastly, I stumbled upon this old Chicago music video. You’re welcome. 


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