Let’s Do This: Hey Eleanor Moments

Declaration: I want the term “Eleanor” used in everyday conversation. Kind of like a “Baldwin” was a handsome guy in the 90s, I wanna hear someone I don’t know talking about their “Hey Eleanor moment” (or maybe “pulling an Eleanor”) when they do something scary. I think it could happen. Until then, here’s a few places I found people pulling an Eleanor on the web. You should probably just check ’em out cause it’s Friday and you’re not really working anyhow.

1. The Crossroads of Should & Must

If this beautifully written & designed post doesn’t make you sit back and really reflect on your life’s purpose, I am a monkey’s uncle!

2. An & Ria’s #First Flight.

I laughed and cried watching these two 70-something women fly for the first time.

3. I’m Taking Sweetpea’s Burlesque/Twerking Class. 

No, really. I am. Tuesday nights in Mpls. Who’s coming with me?

4. Sharks.

And lastly, it turns out my biggest fear is totally, 100 percent justified!

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Comments (2)

  • Paige 6 years ago Reply

    Sunday night I emailed a professor of mine to ask for her academic and career insight. As much as I fear rejection and failure I probably fear success more (because of the increased rejection and failure potential). I was terrified from every angle. I kid you not, after sending I said to myself, "that was my own Hey Eleanor." We set up an appointment to meet Wednesday after class and I’m terrified.

    molly mogren 6 years ago Reply

    YES! See, it’s the things that can’t kill you that are often scariest. Psyched to hear how it went. Break a leg (or whatever you say to someone meeting with a professor!).

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