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My Last Week of Whole30… with Before & After Pics!

Smoked meat sammy from Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen = best new food at the park (so I hear). Strip away the bun, chips & sauce and you might almost have something Whole30 approved!

It’s funny to think that I almost had a panic attack on Day One of the Whole30… because on Day 31, I also almost had a panic attack. Though I missed my beloved cream + coffee combo, wine and being able to really enjoy restaurants, that was about it. I didn’t want to go back, even considering we had two special occasions during our last seven days:

1. The beyonce’s 31st B-Day.

Josh & Patsy, kickin’ it along the mighty Mississip!

2. The MN Twins home opener (aka my favorite holiday).

Buy me some peanuts and Crackerja… wait, no. How ’bout a water and a pickle?

Instead of celebrating the bey’s birthday with pizza and beer, we went … Read more