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How to Always Find An Awesome Restaurant

How to Always Find An Awesome Restaurant

I love food.

When I travel, I could pretty much skip any museum or landmark and just hit up restaurants. And coffee shops. And dive bars. And ice cream places.

I think good food makes or breaks a vacation, a birthday, a celebration, or just a meal away from home. It bums me out when people come to my city and eat at an Olive Garden instead of Matt’s Bar or Hola Arepa. Come on, you work hard for the money, so why not spend it on delicious food you can’t get anywhere else?

Outside of this blog, I’m primarily a food and travel writer. I get peppered with emails and texts from people seeking restaurant recs all the time. While I’m well-versed in many U.S. city’s greatest hits, I often find myself double-checking my work.

There is a place I can almost always depend on for good

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Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

A lot of parents like to talk about how lame their lives are post-kids. I get it. I won’t have an actual kid for another three months, and yet I’m already significantly more lame the more pregnant I get. However, I am over adults using kids as their lameness scapegoat. If you want to go to a concert, you can (unless the sitter bails). If you want to join a kickball league, you can. And according to Shanna Singh Hughey, if you want to travel all over Europe and Asia with the little ones, well by-golly you can do that, too.

Last year, she and her husband packed up the kids and headed out on a three-month global adventure. They claim it was a success. Here’s how they did it (plus, what they might do differently next time). 

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The Best (and Worst) of Our Florida Keys Adventure

The Best (and Worst) of Our Florida Keys Adventure

One of the biggest reasons I was excited about being pregnant? It was an excuse to take a trip with my husband.

Yes, a babymoon.

I don’t like the term either, but that’s just what it’s called until someone can think of a better name.

We’d talked a lot about Mexico. I’d already zeroed in on a stunning, casual hotel in Playa del Carmen. While the rest of you were getting gussied up for holiday parties, I was parked on the couch in my pajamskis, planning the pregnant lady trip of a lifetime.

And then, the damn Zika Virus.

We’d had our hearts set on a hot beach vacation, but almost every place that fit the bill was in the deadly mosquito zone. We’d already been planning on spending a long weekend at my mom’s place in Florida, so we opted to tack on a few days.

Florida Keys Babymoon

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What I Learned From a Scary Italian Cab Ride

Italy: known for food, wine, churches and scary cab rides.

Two weeks ago, I joined my husband on what I dubbed our lemons to lemoncello tour (we kinda had a shitty fall). Basically, he was going to Germany and Italy for work and I decided to tag along. Ah, the joys of working for yourself!

We’d spend a few days with friends in Berlin. Josh would leave me back in Germany to work for a few days in France and Italy. I would meet up with him at his hotel in Milan for a few days of carbs, wine and meandering. It’s what you do in Italy.

I was mostly excited. I was also a little scared.

At the risk of sounding extremely annoying, I am well-traveled. I’ve been to all seven continents. I’ve spent days crossing the Drake Passage (known as the most turbulent waters on earth … Read more


Where to Eat, Sleep & Explore in the Hudson Valley

The waitress took this one. | Quaker Diner, West Hartford, CT

Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to be married to a pragmatic engineer:

Earlier this summer, we received an invite to a friend’s wedding in Bedford, New York. I’m one of those people who loves weddings. Traveling for a wedding? Well, that is the holy grail, especially if the bride or groom is from the area. It can be an incredibly immersive experience– you get to know a few locals, party at a [hopefully] cool venue, and bum around in between wedding events.

My husband likes weddings too, but when it comes to traveling for one, he’s not always as enthusiastic. He asked me to “put together a proposal,” highlighting flights, accommodations, and potential activities (along with pricing… obviously).

Instead of opting for the most obvious route (flying in to JFK/Newark/LaGuardia), I went for an only slightly less … Read more