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#TBT: We Tried A Long Distance Relationship & It Actually Worked Out

Hanging out at the Venice Canals (in California, not Italy)

Josh and I had been dating about eight months when he dropped the bomb.

His company planned on opening a plant in Monterrey, Mexico. He’d offered to help get it up and running. So he was probably moving to Mexico.

For two whole years.

I was 27 and not exactly sure what to make of it. Had we been dating long enough that he should’ve, I dunno, talked to me about it first? Would he be coming home a lot, or would he actually live there for real? Were we going to continue dating, or was this it? Could our relationship handle a long distance relationship? Did we even want to try?

Before Josh, I’d dated a pseudo sociopath who’s job took him out of the country for months at a time. He definitely, for sure, no ifs … Read more


#252. We Did Pre-Marital Counseling & the Aftermath Shocked Us.

On Labor Day weekend, I received an email from a HuffingtonPost Live producer. They were doing a segment couples in premarital counseling, not because they believe they have problems, but because they want to make their marriage last. She’d stumbled upon my blog (this one from Mpls | St. Paul Magazine – Three Non-Romantic Things I’m Glad I Did Before My Wedding) and wondered if I’d like to participate in the HuffPo Live’s discussion via webcam.

Uh, DOY.

Not only did a live interview on Internet TV sound scary as hell (#252), the topic excited me. Our premarital sessions were in the top five things Josh & I did pre-wedding. It offered scheduled time away from wedding planning to discuss the bigger picture (you’re not planning a party, you’re planning a life together…remember?). Our counselor helped us identify our relationship’s strongest aspects as well as our weak spots. We … Read more