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Quitters: Why I Quit Taking Hormonal Birth Control

We fought for the pill… but is it the be-all, end-all?

Katie Lee is an author, lifestyle designer (<<< she’s really good at this!), and bakes a mean cake. She’s one of those people who makes everything look easy and effortless– a happy marriage, fulfilling job, sun-drenched home, and awesome dog. Plus, the girl has legs for days. But the truth is, she’s designed her life to be effortless, something that’s taken her years of work, intention and research. She never settles for the status quo. She’s a seeker and a doer.

Two years ago, she quit hormonal birth control.

Initially, it was to cure her constant headaches. Unexpectedly, she set off a chain reaction that led to better skin, “realer” emotions, and an enhanced relationship with her husband. I’ll let her explain.

* * *

When did you quit birth control? What were you taking and how long had Read more


Why I Quit The Hey Eleanor Podcast (For Now)

I’m hanging up my headphones… for now.

Not to sound like a pretentious jerk, but

I loved podcasts before podcasts were cool.

(PS Thanks for making them cool, Serial!)

Over three years ago, I started the Go Fork Yourself podcast with my long-time boss/friend, Andrew Zimmern. We had funny conversations in the office; why not record them and blast ’em off to the masses?

Recording the first few episodes were really, really scary. I’m a strong writer, but speaking? Not really my forte, especially when my co-host is a person who could talk for hours without coming up for air.

I had so much anxiety about my ability to speak confidently, that I took three rounds of improv classes.

Improv helped tremendously.

I learned to not over think things. Sometimes, you just gotta open your mouth and trust that the right thing will fly out of it. And if … Read more


I Gave Up a Corporate Job to Pursue My Creative Passion

Ruth Kaufman. Lawyer. Actor. Writer. Quitter.

Chicago-based lawyer Ruth Kaufman had it all. A six-figure corporate gig with four weeks vacation, benefits– the works. However, she’d always wanted to pursue her creative passions. At 44, she decided to give up her “good” job to pursue acting, voiceovers and writing (spoiler alert: she writes romance novels… oooh la la!). Tens years later, and she has very little to regret. Here’s her story.

* * *

Let’s get down to business: What did you quit, why & when?

I walked away from 13 years in a corporate America training, sales, and marketing job in October 2005. I’d wanted to be an actor and author since I was young, and doing both on the side wasn’t enough.

I realized that age-wise, my life was half over, so someday had to be now. How could I be sure my retirement years would be golden, … Read more


Quitters: Why I Left My Marriage

Just so ya know, this hot redhead and cool mom can rewire light fixtures.

Meet Talia. She’s a digital strategist by day, awesome writer by night/whenever else she can fit it in (maybe you’ve found yourself sucked into collaborative blog, Flock of Broads? She’s one of those broads.) Four years ago, she was unhappily married. Today, she’s not. Here’s why and how she quit her marriage.

* * *

What did you quit & when?

I quit my marriage four years ago.

What did your life feel like before you decided to get divorced?

I got pregnant just after my 21st birthday. My boyfriend and I had been together for a year.

At that time all I wanted was a healthy baby and to prove wrong everyone who said I was too young to be a good parent or that my relationship wouldn’t work. I accomplished the first, but … Read more


Quitters: Why We Gave Up Our Car

Ridiculously cute photo by Brian Fanelli.

I met Morgen a few years ago at the gym. She’s a super strong, encouraging CrossFit coach with a fantastic smile, has one of those kids who makes being a parent seem delightful, and her husband Xan works at my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis. Morgen’s got it all going on.

In May of 2013, Morgen & Xan decided to give up their car. She explains why quitting four wheels never felt like a downgrade.

* * *

Let’s get down to business: What did you quit & why?

We quit our car when we realized that it was unnecessary for us to own one.

What did your life feel like before you gave up your car?

I had anxiety about the car. It was my main mode of transportation, and it was beginning to need more and more maintenance. My family was going … Read more