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How I Quit My Fear of Flying

How I Quit My Fear of Flying

Jasmin Charlotte is a blogger who focuses on technology, adventure and travel. That last part is rather notable, given that she has a serious flying phobia. However, she wasn’t about to let a little hysterical crying, sweaty palms and pre-trip nausea keep her from seeing the world. She decided to actively work on overcoming her fear, and for the most part she’s succeeded. 

Here’s how Jasmin quit her fear of flying.

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Do you remember when your fear of flying began?

I definitely didn’t have it when I was younger, I slept blissfully! I think it started when I was a teenager and I had quite a big gap in between when I had been on planes. This led to me building it up in my mind and eventually the fear starting. My mum has always had a really bad fear of flying which I think contributed … Read more


Why I Quit My Job to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom in Italy

Melissa used to spend her days practicing law in between wrangling her kids, working out and hanging with her husband. She wanted to juggle it all, not be just another burned out career mom. But alas, constantly hustling her buns off started taking its toll. Then her husband got a job offer that would take their family to Italy. They leapt at the opportunity. Melissa couldn’t exactly do her job from the land of wine and pasta, so she quit and decided to watch the kids full-time. Here’s her Quitters story.   

* * *

You spent five years working in a big DC law firm. What kind of law were you practicing? What did a normal day look and feel like?

When people ask a legal question, I always say I’m the most unhelpful lawyer ever! I practiced food and drug law. If you want to get your drug approved … Read more


Dare: Quit Following People Who Drive You Crazy Online

Are you a hate-follower? I sometimes am.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat: I am on all sorts of social media platforms. I mostly follow friends, family, brands and people I like. But I have to admit, there are a few accounts I’ve grown to despise. Instead of unfollowing, I do something totally unhealthy.

I hate-follow.

You’re probably doing it, too. There’s that person from high school who always posts things that are TMI or legitimately insane on Facebook. Or that person who clearly spends hours curating the perfect Instagram photo– an overhead shot of their [super-trendy brand name] purse’s contents all over a table, with lip gloss, a moleskin notebook and something intentionally quirky (M&Ms! A tiny teddy bear! Fruitstripe gum!) placed just so.

Following some people makes my blood boil.

And yet, I can’t stop doing it! I recently realized I was addicted to scrolling through the feeds … Read more


Why I Started Drinking After 14 Years of Sobriety

My name is Nathan N. and I am not an alcoholic.





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I’ve known Nathan for nearly a decade, and always knew he was sober. So when I saw him drinking a beer at a party the other weekend, I could’ve totally been classy about it an not said anything. Ha, as if! He told me he stopped going to meetings years ago after he decided he wasn’t an alcoholic. He’s publicly sharing his story for the first time here, and I have to say I am impressed by his bravery!

Here’s how it all went down in Nathan’s own words.

* * *

What did your life look like before you got sober?

Right before I … Read more


I Quit My 9-to-5 to Start My Own Company (& PS I’m only 22)

Brittany is proving the “entitled millennial” stereotype wrong.

It took Brittany Barnhart about five seconds to realize working for someone else wasn’t for her. So this 21-year-old ditched her job to start her own thing. So millennial, right? Except Brittany isn’t a stereotypical millennial. This Ypsilanti, Michigan resident busts her butt to create fun, clever illustrations and designs– and her clients couldn’t be happier. Neither could she. Here’s how and why she starter her company, Just Curious.

* * *

Last April, you quit your full-time job to start your own business. Prior to leaving, what did your life look and feel like?

Prior to leaving my full-time job at a print shop, my life felt ordinary and stagnant. I dreaded everyday, because it was the same: wake up, do personal work, go to work, get home, workout, shower, sleep, repeat. It wasn’t always like that though; I loved my … Read more