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Hey Eleanor! I Started My Own Business!: A Chat with Paleo Author Melissa Joulwan

Melissa Joulwan talks business, in a non-scammy way.

Welcome to episode 10 of the Hey Eleanor podcast. This week, I’m featuring a woman who quit her full-time corporate gig to start her own business. And she’s kicking major ass.

Paleo blogger and cookbook author Melissa Joulwan influences the way hundreds of thousands of people think about nutrition. But guys, we’re not going to do another podcast on the paleo diet. Instead, I’m talking to Mel J about what it’s like to work for yourself. She and her husband David said buh-bye to The Man years ago, and learned tons about running a successful small business. We chat about how her super-successful cookbook series Well Fed changed their life, the importance of not comparing yourself to others, plus her favorite summer reads.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation.

* * *

I know you usually talk to people about the paleo Read more


Hey Eleanor! I Made a Movie!

Andy Mogren: Filmmaker or werewolf? We’re still not sure.

Welcome to episode nine of the Hey Eleanor podcast. This week, we’re talking about moving to Hollywood and making all your dreams come true… sorta.

Meet my brother, Andy Mogren. He’s a Minnesota transplant living in LA, who’s spent the last five years pitching an ever-evolving television concept that he writes, produces, directs, scores, edits, animates and stars in. I talk to him about what it’s like to move to LA (or as our dad likes says: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California), rejection, plus screening a movie you spent a year creating in front of a live audience. Sometimes, it goes great! Other times… well….

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation:

* * *

Molly: Who are you and what do you do?

Andy: I’m Andy, Molly’s brother. We grew up down the hall from each other. We’re both doing similar things … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I’m a Rapper! An Interview with Sims of Doomtree

Andrew Sims has the greatest job in the world.  |  Photo by Kelly Loverud

Welcome to episode eight of the Hey Eleanor Podcast. This week, we’re talking about spilling your guts in a very public way… and getting paid to do it.

Minneapolis-based rapper Andrew Sims (or maybe you just know him as Sims) performs as a solo artist, as well as with hip-hop group, Doomtree. The two of us chatted about re-reading stuff you wrote as an angsty-teen (embarrassing!), overcoming that negative voice in your head and how he handles pre-show anxiety. Plus, John Denver.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation.

* * *

Molly: How did you become a for-real, getting paid, bought your own house hip-hop artist?

Sims: Well, the bank owns my house… But yeah, I started making music when I was a little kid. My dad bought me a Casio SK-1, very classic keyboard … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I Rode a Roller Coaster!

Welcome to episode seven of the Hey Eleanor podcast. This week, we’re crushing a fear 25 years in the making.

I’m talking to Beth Gibbs. She’s my friend and the former producer of the Go Fork Yourself podcast, which I co-host with Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods. Beth is super smart, funny and adorable, but guys… she is the biggest wimp I’ve ever met. When I met her, she’s never tried sushi, was afraid of spicy food, and wanted to try improv but was too scared. The list goes on and on. In the past few years, she started testing her comfort zone. Most notably, she’s now in an improv group that performs regularly in Minneapolis.

A few weeks ago, she told me she wanted to conquer her fear of roller coasters. So the two of us, two grown women, went to Valley Fair together so Beth could ride … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I Have an Inferiority Complex!

Lucas Rayala: Triathlete. Entrepreneur. Inferiority complex defeater.

Welcome to the Hey Eleanor Podcast, episode six. This week, we’re digging deep into the psyche to discuss something many of us face on some subconscious level:

An Inferiority Complex.

Lucas Rayala is a serial entrepreneur with an aforementioned inferiority complex. It’s caused him to self-sabotage his businesses and seize up when trying to even talk about what he spends all his time and energy working on. We discuss what an inferiority complex is (it’s a real thing, not just a cutesty title), the steps he’s taken to get past it, plus his latest business venture… which he can finally talk about freely without giving in to the negative proverbial voices in his head.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation.

* * *

Molly: So can we just talk a little bit about your inferiority complex? Is that a real clinical term?Read more