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33 More Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

33 More Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

To me, summer is all about road trips.

And road trip are all about beef jerky, Twizzlers, fun playlists and podcasts.

The biggest hurdle with podcasts is finding one to listen to in the first place. There’s a gazillion out there, so how do you narrow it down?

I posed this question to a bunch of smartypants friends and got so many suggestions that I decided to split up the recs into two separate posts (here’s the last podcast suggestion post). Here’s a bunch more to add to your podcast repertoire.

*And a note on podcast etiquette*
Take the time to rate and review the podcasts that you really enjoy. That’s what boosts them in the rankings and helps interested people discover new shows.

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Love, Life, Relationships, Emotions

Dear Sugar
Writers Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond answer listener’s questions about love, heartbreak, and how to … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I’m a Midwife! Rebecca Egbert’s No-BS Approach to Postpartum Care

Rebecca Egbert knows women’s health. She also makes standing in a field look glamorous.

This week, I’m talking to midwife and women’s health expert, Rebecca Egbert.

I know what you’re thinking: What exactly does a midwife do? Don’t worry– I ask her all about it. Rebecca also talks about the huge gap in healthcare for moms during the often crazy postpartum period. New moms aren’t exactly sure what’s happening with their bodies, their relationship with their partner (and friends!), and why their boobs are acting so weird. Partners, friends and family want to help, but aren’t always sure how. Rebecca gives some incredibly helpful insight for everyone who’s ever given birth or knowns someone who has—which is to say, all of us.

PLUS, she dishes on her awesome Kickstarter campaign that launched earlier this week.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation.

* * *

So… are you a little Read more

Model & Makeup Artist Cindy Joseph on the Pro-Age Movement

Model & Makeup Artist Cindy Joseph on the Pro-Age Movement

This week, I’m talking to makeup artist, model and entrepreneur, Cindy Joseph.

At 49, Cindy decided to stop dyeing her silver hair because she wanted to show women that aging wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The day after the last of her dyed hair was chopped off, she was approached on the streets of NYC to do an international modeling campaign for Dolce & Gabanna. No biggie. She’s been modeling ever since, and even launched her own what she’s dubbed a pro-age makeup line called Boom by Cindy Joseph. I talk to her about why she actually loves getting older, why women need to stop combatting their fear with makeup, plus how to be beautiful at any age.

You can listen to our conversation on above media player or iTunes, or read a transcription below. Options!

* * *

Thanks for joining me on the podcast, Cindy! I wanted … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I Pitched My Product to Target & Won! Amy Regan of Skinfix Talks Entrepreneurship

Amy Regan knows business & the beauty world. Also, she has really great skin!

This week, I’m talking to Amy Regan.

Amy worked for L’Oreal right out of college, then eventually moved to Jo Malone in London (which is basically the only perfume I wear and costs a million dollars AND IT’S WORTH IT).

Eventually, she moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, believing her days in the cosmetics business were over. While there, she discovered a healing salve, made locally by the same family for over 130 years. She loved the product so much, that she eventually bought the company. We talk about the responsibility of taking over an heirloom brand, her decision to do things the hard way, plus the big, scary thing she did: pitching her products to one of the world’s biggest retailers and succeeding. PS the elevator pitch happened in an actual elevator.

Here’s an excerpt … Read more


Hey Eleanor! I’m a Solo Lady Traveler, Ft Sarah Von Bargen of Yes & Yes!

Sarah Von Bargen loves traveling alone AND baby goats.

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Hey Eleanor podcast. This week we’re talking about the joys (and panic-attack inducing moments) of being a solo lady traveler with Sarah Von Bargen—the babe behind

Sarah writes about pretty much everything— how to stop wasting your likeability on the wrong people, great vegetarian recipes and interviews with all sorts of people– for example, a 99-year-old woman living on her own, or a woman who’s dated on The Internet loves Sarah, especially people who travel (or want to travel) a lot. She spends three months of the year traveling—easy to do when you can take your business on the road. Since her job is way more flexible than most, Sarah often finds herself hitting the road solo. I talk to her about the biggest advantages to traveling alone, how to take … Read more