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QUITTERS: How Quitting Saved My Life.

Danielle & her dog Sharpie, working their stuff CIC-style.

Try harder.

Do better. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Failing at school? A relationship? A job? A sport? You can do it, just try harder. Well guess what, guys: Sometimes you shouldn’t try harder. Sometimes you should quit. And for the record, quitting is often much harder than trying harder.

Last month, I quit an awesome job to focus on what I really, truly wanted. Quitting was so, so hard, especially since I had to tell other people I was quitting. However, I am three weeks into self-employment and I could not be happier. Sometimes, quitting is the right thing to do.

This week I am launching an interview series creatively named Quitters. 

It’s all about people who’ve quit & are better for it. I’m kicking it off with my amazing friend Danielle, who got sober nearly four … Read more


#215. Why Buying a Good Bra Matters.

That’s a lotta over the shoulder boulder holders.

Remember that time Oprah turned the undergarment world upside down when she revealed that almost all women are wearing the wrong bra size? I do. Like many of you, I filed that one under “good to know, will look into…eventually.” Here I am, probably a decade later, still wearing the size I think I should wear.

I’ve had my rack measured a few times before, but it was at Victoria’s Secret and I wasn’t super confident that they’d done it right. The last time I went to VS, I decided to get a bra fitting. I’d always been a 34B (in my estimation), but Megan (a 22-year-old VS associate that smelled of vanilla), was certain I was a full 32C or more likely, a 32D. This sounded suspect to me. Those two sizes are reserved for the Jayne Mansfields of the world. … Read more


#149. Answering Trivia at Caribou Coffee.

TEN WHOLE CENTS?! That’s like a dime… or two nickels!

Caribou is to Minnesota what Starbucks is New York (or what Amish furniture stores are to Pennsylvania). They’re frickin’ everywhere.

I’ve probably stopped at a Caribou once a week for the last seven years. I like Caribou for three specific reasons:

1. They’ve outfitted all the locales in a comfy lodge motif.

2. They call their drinks by regular size names (small, medium, large) that don’t make you feel like a douchebag when you utter them aloud. Come on, a grown-ass adult should not be enforced to order anything grande except maybe a taco.

3. Their coffee doesn’t consistently taste like burnt toast.

Another one of their “things” that I’ve silently enjoyed is their daily trivia question. In essence, an employee writes a trivia question on a blackboard in a neon marker. Typically, there is some rudimentary art involved. If … Read more


#146. What It’s Like to Do the Polar Bear Plunge.

Guess which one of us was regretting signing up for the Polar Bear Plunge?

Preference: marathon or polar bear plunge?

In January, I would’ve definitely said my preference = plunge. 10 seconds of pain versus four hours? Duh. However, after completing my first polar bear plunge, running a marathon doesn’t really sound so terrible.

I wasn’t excited for the polar plunge.

At all.

This is the coldest Minnesota winter of my life. I can barely walk from my front door to my car without wanting to throw in the towel. The idea of jumping into a freezing cold lake on a five degree day (oh, and a windchill of -19, no biggie) made me want to cry. However, my beyonce, Josh, signed both of us up for his company’s huge Polar Bear Plunge team. Between the two of us, we’d raised a few hundred bucks (all proceeds went to … Read more


How to Host a Midwestern Fish Fry

Erica wins the Hey Eleanor potluck award for simply asking a Kowalski’s employee to help her find Cheez Whiz. Clearly, a success!

When a gal goes ice fishing (and scores big time), there’s only one thing left to do:

Get fryin’.

Hence, I hosted my first-ever Friday Fish Fry… the first fish fry I’ve experienced outside of a church basement and/or Wisconsin dive bar.

What’s a fish fry without friends?

Nothing, I tell ya. I extended the invited to a handful of ladies who I love dearly for their witty banter and, most importantly, their ability to fully commit to a themed dinner party. This theme = Midwestern potluck food.

Bonus points if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the can you dumped into your hot dish vessel.

Yes, cans.

Farm to table!
Cheese ball, pickled beets, tartar sauce, mac-n-cheese… and TUMS for dessert.

Since my pals had … Read more