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We Got Married & It Was Awesome!

Hey Eleanor accidentally turned into a wedding blog over the past few months, but that’s just because I got married.

Marriage is no joke.

I don’t think I need to explain why it’s scary. However, I’m feeling very confident that Josh & I are a good match. We’re not expecting perfection, but I think we’ve got a solid foundation. We really, really, really like each other. Plus, he’s so handsome.

In the months leading up to the wedding, I maybe got six hours of sleep total. I stressed out over the amount of money spent on one party, the fact that our venue didn’t have air conditioning, the weather (we were to have an outdoor cocktail hour), not to mention that whole part where I needed to spill my guts out to the man I love in front of 250 people. No pressure.

Everything I feared might go wrong did go

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7 Things that Might Surprise You About Nuns.

But first, let’s do some word association.

I say Disney World. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Mickey Mouse, over-priced crappy ice cream, Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe waiting in lines. If I say Minnesota, you probably think winter, Paul Bunyon or Fargo (which, btw, is actually in North Dakota). 

What do you picture when I say nuns?

A black and white habit. A stern old lady slapping your hand with a ruler. Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. I used to picture these things too, until I met the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis

The sisters came into my life (really, my entire family’s life) via my uncle Brian, who moved down the street from them about a decade ago. They live North Minneapolis’ Old Highland neighborhood– a place most Minnesotans only know from bad stories on the news. What you probably don’t know is that it’s … Read more


#217. How to Break up a Dog Fight.

My dog: Either bouncing off the walls or in a coma. There is no in between.

After a week and a half hiatus from ye olde blog (got married, NBD), I am feeling well-rested and a bit less motivated. In the wedding chaos, I lost some momentum, but am hoping to gain it back with all the free time I’m finding sans wedding planning. I thought there was no better way to get at it than to write about one of the scariest things I’ve done so far.

Most of the scary things I do are premeditated. However, because I am a human being, I am occasionally faced with a less-than-awesome, terrifying situation that I simply cannot avoid. Case in point: getting caught in the middle of a dog fight between the neighbors’ two pit bulls and my own dog.

This is not an ANTI-pit bull post!

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Everyday Eleanor: I Chopped Off My Long Hair (& I Love It).

I think most women have very strong emotional attachment to their hair. Short, long, dyed blue or a big curly mess– we believe our hair makes us beautiful. I’d even go as far as saying our hair often defines us. Changing hairstyles is often a terrifying, anxiety-filled experience. I even have one friend who admitted she cries every time she has her long, blonde hair trimmed. Yes, trimmed.

I have quite a few lady friends who have bid adieu to their long hair (sometimes not by choice). Jackie is one of the ladies who recently decided to go short. I originally met Jackie through work, but we’ve crossed paths many times in the years that have followed. Hey, we live in Minneapolis and that’s just how things work here. Last year, she chopped over a foot (!) of hair right off her head. It looked fab! Then a few weeks Read more


#214. Can You Win at Yoga? I Say Yes!

This woman is definitely winning. Photo by Joel Nilsson.

I’ve been doing yoga for about eight years. I have stints where I go a few times a week, and then sometimes I’ll just go once every other month. I enjoy it as quiet (but sweaty) exercise, but it’s not my religion or anything. The main purpose of yoga for me is to get the blood pumping, work on flexibility and strength and have one full hour of quiet time. It’s never about competition… except for when it is.

I try to not pay too much attention to the folks around me, but sometimes I can’t help it: there’s the super bendy lady, or the giant man who stinks like chicken soup, or the tattooed waitress with awesome pipes. You know the people I am talking about; they are in every class. I do notice who’s doing what around me… sue … Read more