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#270. Fact: 99 Percent of Fear is Anticipation.

A nice pic from the folks at the Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement. Cute, right? | Photo by Dan Norman

I made up that 99 percent statistic, but anecdotally I know it’s true. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. But first:

I hadn’t planned on visiting the Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement.

I went for the first time last year. I didn’t sleep for the three weeks between the time I purchased the tickets and the actual event.

I wish I was kidding.

Somehow, I had more anxiety about walking through a basement full of actors than I did jumping out of an airplane.

Fear is so irrational sometimes.

Spoiler alert: I survived the 2013 Haunted Basement. It was not at all like I’d expected and I was proud of myself for facing my fear. I did it! I didn’t feel the need to go again.

That is, until three of my … Read more


#264 – 266. I Try 3 Fashion Trends So You Don’t Have To.

Ready or not, here I come… in a sequin hat.

Fashion challenges are perfect Hey Eleanor fodder. A) They’re reasonably easy to accomplish. B) They can’t kill you.

However, despite their safety, wearing something that’s not you can be debilitating, horribly embarrassing and day ruining. Sure, maybe you’re just wearing high waisted jeans for the first time since 1979, but if you don’t feel comfortable, you lose your mojo.

It’s stupid and dumb, but when you spend the entire day thinking that everyone is looking at you in a bad way, it sucks.

Precisely why I tried these three trends for myself.

1. The flashy sequined hat.

Ready or not, here I come in my woo girl hat!

My dad knows how much I love baseball.

He does, too. In fact, when the All Star Game exploded all over Minneapolis this summer, he hit up fan fest to meet players, … Read more


3 Fall-ish Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About

3 fall things I can’t stop thinking about… And no, it’s not pumpkin spice lattes.

I’m finally ready to admit summer is donezo.

The trees are ablaze, nights temps are atumblin’ into the 30s and nobody can seem to STFU about pumpkin flavored everything. I’ll admit I’m like every basic broad in that I am obsessed with fall. It’s the best time of year in Minnesota– no bugs, beautiful colors, and fashion is all about sweaters/scarves/boots combos. This time of year makes me simultaneously want to get outside and do stuff (cause winter is coming!) and prepare my house and self for the next six month (cause winter is coming!).

So with that in mind, here’s the stuff I can’t stop thinking about.

1. This Article about Madewell. 

The interesting story behind one of my favorite brands.

If I were rich and famous, I’d own every single thing … Read more


#258. I Avoided Doing This Super Easy Thing for Five Years (!)

Metro Transit. So easy, even I could do it.

Her symptoms were serious, but vague. Check engine light on, tire pressure notification blinking. And then there was the fact that I’d been avoiding an oil change for a bit too long.

I had to bring the Jetta in for a check up.

I dropped her off first thing in the morning. She was okay, but the mechanic needed to order a part that wouldn’t arrive until the next day. Which was fine, but meant I was stranded at work. It was no big deal though. I could just take the bus home.

Except I’ve never done that before.

I’ve bussed it downtown Minneapolis a lot of times, but in my real life, I walk, bike or drive most places. Sometimes I splurge and take a cab. Sometimes when I feel super fancy, I Uber. I weirdly felt very ballsy … Read more


#239. Saying No After You’ve Already Said Yes.

I know I’m not alone in my tendency to over-commit. Some days, I look at my calendar and an horrified by how few free days I have. It seems like just two years ago I was all, “What HBO show will I binge-watch tonight?” These days, I can’t even find time to pee. 

After suffering a near panic attack in June, I started making hard decisions about my time. In the weeks before my wedding, I committed to not making any plans aside from essentials (for example, doctor’s appointments). Not even fun things, like happy hour. Instead, I opted to make only game-time decisions. You wanna grab a drink next Tuesday? No. You wanna grab a drink tonight? Bring it on!

Boy, oh, boy. Was that ever a relief.

As Braveheart would say, Freeeeeeeedom! It was great to be able to fully enjoy the things I was doing every night. … Read more