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Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

A lot of parents like to talk about how lame their lives are post-kids. I get it. I won’t have an actual kid for another three months, and yet I’m already significantly more lame the more pregnant I get. However, I am over adults using kids as their lameness scapegoat. If you want to go to a concert, you can (unless the sitter bails). If you want to join a kickball league, you can. And according to Shanna Singh Hughey, if you want to travel all over Europe and Asia with the little ones, well by-golly you can do that, too.

Last year, she and her husband packed up the kids and headed out on a three-month global adventure. They claim it was a success. Here’s how they did it (plus, what they might do differently next time). 

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Everyday Eleanor: I'm a Post-Abortion Wellness Coach

Everyday Eleanor: I’m a Post-Abortion Wellness Coach

As a nutritionist and health coach, Jessica von Bergen loved helping women tackle their wellness goals. However, after having an abortion herself and speaking with other women who’ve terminated pregnancies, she identified a gap in care. Von Bergen opted to meld her health coaching business with post-abortion wellness– something very few women have access to or even know about.

So, what exactly is post-abortion care and why is it important? I’ll let her explain. 

* * *

You’re a nutritionist and health coach. What exactly does that mean? What inspired you to pursue wellness professionally?

My nutrition education was heavily focused on the science of food and eating – things like calories, macros, and nutrient breakdown. But as soon as I started working with clients, I realised many of them had already tried following the science and still weren’t able to create long-term changes within their bodies.

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How to Have the Layoff of Your Dreams

This is way better than hanging out in a cubicle!




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Amy Smith is an incredibly smart, driven woman who’s enthusiastic and fun at after-work happy hours (well, I don’t know this for sure, but I think she’s fun at regular happy hours so…). So 2015 when her boss gently broke the news that her job had been eliminated, Amy was gobsmacked. She went through all the feelings you’d imagine: fear, shame, self-doubt, anger… you name it. But after a series of events, her mindset shifted. Now she says getting laid off is the best thing that ever happened to her. Here’s how it all went down.

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What It’s Like to Be a Foster Parent

Baby Y, looking for his car keys..

A year and a half ago, my cousin Josh and I were in the midst of an epic phone call. In some ways, Josh is more of a big brother than a cousin. We can pretty much tell each other anything, and I adore him for it. So, he nonchalantly mentions that he and his awesome wife, Carly, were considering becoming foster parents (and hoped to eventually adopt a child).


This, coming from a guy who had told me numerous times that kids were a no-go. I was shocked, then ecstatic. I couldn’t imagine two people who’s be better parents. Josh is a big kid himself, and Carly is one of those people who’s relaxed, realistic and funny as hell– the makings of a great mom.

In July of 2014, a six-month-old bundle of joy arrived at their home. He was adorable, … Read more