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Dealing with Guilt After the Death of a Beloved Pet

An angel in my sock drawer.

Seven years ago, I made a decision that changed my life.

I’m a huge dog lover and desperately wanted to adopt a pup. I traveled regularly for work, lived in a condo (on the 15th floor) that didn’t allow dogs and also, I was 25-years-old. Dog = bad choice, so a friend suggested I get a cat.


Cats shed. Cats scratch. Cats hide and never come out except when you are sleeping, then then they lay on your face. Cats whine and meow and pee in a box. Cats smell.

Cats are gross.

But many a trusted person told me cats are actually pretty great and affectionate. In a moment of weakness, I thought about it and eventually decided, ah what the hell. There’s an adoption event at PetCo. I’ll just go and look.

Famous last words.

Once I arrived, I was shown … Read more