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A Stupidly Easy Trick to Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Not to be dramatic, but this basket saved my life.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions (read more about that here). However, I do love any attempt at making your life happier, healthier and less stressful. My beef with the New Year’s thing is that it’s focused on one day. Why not resolve to make your life better whenever you’re feeling motivated? For me, that time is almost never New Year’s Day. But I digress.

If you’ve been reading Hey Eleanor for awhile, you know that I’m constantly battling crap.

I feel like my house is full of crap, I have too much crap in my closet, our drawers are full of kitchen crap, office crap, linens crap, and just more and more crap. I know I’m not the only person with crap/clutter problems. Here’s the proof: this is by far the most popular post on Read more


7 Excellent Ways to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Crap

Why do I have so much crap?

If you’ve read Hey Eleanor before, you probably know I have a thing about de-crappifying.

Or decluttering. Whichever term you prefer.

I grew up in a house full of crap. This would be my dad’s house, not my mom’s. Her house was always nice and clean without a lot of crap. But at Dad’s, nothing ever got thrown away or put away. My dad also has never met a garage sale, Menard’s end-of-season-sale or memorabilia store he walked away from empty handed. I used to love tidying up his house when he was at work, cleaning out the fridge, pantry, junk drawers, you name it.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing what strange behavior this was for a 12-year-old. I mean, does any middle schooler you know even make their bed without asking, let alone toss all the fridge’s expired or donezo condiments? … Read more


I’m Trying the KonMari Method & So Far, I Love It

Maybe you’ve heard of the KonMari method.

(AKA the book, The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up.)

It’s written by Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo, who claims not ONE of her de-cluttering clients has ever relapsed. A bold claim!

Organizing does not come easy to me. I’ll spend hours picking up. Once done, I sit back, exhale with a big ahhhhhh. Then twenty minutes later, things start collecting in places they shouldn’t. The next day, the house is messy again. That’s my life, maybe it’s yours, too.

So I decided to give Kondo’s method a try. She calls it the KonMari Method cause it’s like the Branjelina of her own name. Here’s the gist:

Tidy All At Once

She doesn’t mean do it all in a day, but do it all in a short period of time, like a few weeks. Don’t just say, “I’m going to just start with … Read more


#278. I Got Rid of Most of My Clothes & Feel Awesome About It

Ever opened your closet and declared, I have nothing to wear! Even though your closet is so crammed, you couldn’t squeeze a sneeze in there.

Of course you’ve been there. You are a person.

I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes. The gist: You only have about 35 items that you absolutely love in your closet at a time. That’s all you wear for a full season (aka 3 months). Sound cool? I was intrigued. Then I started reading the Un-fancy blog and was sold. You can read more about it here.

To me, capsule wardrobes sound both exciting and terrifying.

On the one hand…

I always gravitate toward the same pieces. Sometimes I’ll wear something not because I love it, but from the guilt of owning it and letting it rot in my closet. Less options means less hemming & hawing when you’re getting dressed. It’s like… Read more

Links I Love

A fine flock of broads.

After staying up way past my bedtime last night (#Halloween), I’m patting myself on the back for mustering the energy to shower, order Vietnamese food and watch an edited for TV version of Pretty Woman. Some days, it’s best to set the bar low.

Anyhow… here’s some great stuff from the Internet.

Living an awesome life isn’t always easy… but it’s worth it.

I’m on a de-crapifying kick. Getting rid of stuff is overwhelming, but is oh-so-satisfying. I found lots of inspiration in this NY Times article about Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo.

New-ish blog alert. Love this collaboration of smart & funny Minnesota ladies.

I don’t really understand what to do with scarves, especially the big ones. Bookmarking this tutorial on 3 ways to wear a blanket scarf.

Interesting read: why some stress might be good for you.

Remember last Read more