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This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

I can barely watch the trailer to Love & Mercy without crying. So excited to see this movie and I can’t believe I haven’t yet! Oh, and PS, my amazing husband is taking me to see BRIAN WILSON AND RODRIGUEZ (!) in NASHVILLE for our anniversary in a few weeks! 


Even non-animals lovers will shed a tear at this touching video about a man and his trusty best pal. Happy trails to you, Denali!

It’s officially summer and can’t wait to make this super refreshing Thai salad

Speaking of summer eats, some insight as to why fruit sometimes tastes like crud.

Dying is hard work. Here’s a very honest, very sad, very real, very human account everyone should read

Kate Moss, you are in fact a bad-ass.

Chicago Trib writer Heidi Stevens isn’t getting a new photo for her column, so stop bitching about it … Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

As a longtime Troop Beverly Hills fan, I was always kind of annoyed that Jenny Lewis was irritated whenever people would bring up her past as a child actor. Luckily, she’s changed her tune in this new music video. Ten million high fives!

What would you do if some fancy artist sold your Instagram images for thousands of dollars?


File this under awwww: a son makes this amazing video to help his mom find a boyfriend

Please no one read into this too much, but I find myself asking this question often: How do you stay friendly without becoming friends?

Do this now: write a love letter to a stranger. Or someone you know. Whatever, both are great!

To the moms and other people who aren’t necessarily DIY crafty, but feel like you gotta be to keep up with the @jones’? How about just stop. 



Read more

This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Thinking I was being a good wife, I asked my husband if he wanted to see Mad Max this weekend. He said no. Who’s seen it? Was it as good as they say?

Speaking of mad things, did you love the Mad Men series finale? I think I did! Almost as much as I like this Mad Men Tumblr and this spot-on Don Draper fauxbituary

Hot dogs are my favorite food (after pizza, of course). Here are 40 awesome ways to eat ’em around the world.

Why stealing other people’s jokes on social media is no joke. Unless you’re one of those A-holes doing it and laughing all the way to the bank. Jerk.

Could you be a digital nomad? This woman makes it seem pretty darn good. 

You guys probably know how I feel about having too much crap. And this made me even more … Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

It’s wedding season! Here’s a video of some kids who are already over it

Comedian/writer Tess Rafferty’s new podcast Regrets Only is hysterical and all pop culture junkies/people who enjoy laughing should listen.

My husband told me he didn’t really like my new sandals because they’re “too 90s.” Duh, that’s precisely why I bought (& love!) them!

I got a huge response from last week’s Hey Eleanor podcast on tattoo removal. Apparently, I’m not the only food writer delving into the subject. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl talks to the owner of FadeAway, a tattoo removal parlor in Nordeast Minneapolis. Guys, you really don’t have to live with that tramp stamp!

Okay, either you are going to think this video is insensitive or hilarious (I’m in the latter camp), but I think the point is KRIS JENNER IS STILL CASHING IN on her whole connection to the Nicole Brown Simpson murder … Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy this digital Ma’s Day card from Barats & Bereta

A week or two ago, I asked readers to anonymously share their salary on my blog. The response was overwhelming and continues to grow. I think most of us are eager to share what we make, but don’t really know how to do so in a non-threatening manner. Maybe because money talk is the last great taboo

New podcast alert: The Lifesize Liberation Podcast with Sarah Ramsden. She talks to people who’ve made BIG changes in their lives. I was her guest this week, but trust me when I say that’s not the only reason I’m passing it along. Good content, y’all!

I have a few people I want to coerce into building a besties row with me. It’s like the Golden Girls, except without the rattan sofa!

Making this delicious-looking ginger-scallion sauceRead more