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This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Last week, my favorite DJ on The Current (hi Jake Rudh!) did an hour dedicated to yacht rock. You know what? I love yacht. LOVE IT. Not ironically! Give me Michael McDonald and Hall & Oates all day long. Anyhow, the set was inspired by the above sort of funny 2007 YouTube series. You guys remember it? PS if you’re awesome and love yacht rock (or still don’t even know what I’m talking about), listen to Jake Rudh’s entire yacht rock set here.

I like camping, but I don’t need to light the world on fire with my survival and tarping skills. That’s why I’m a fan of ye olde car camping, as is my friend Annie of The Midwestival. Here’s her indoorsy person’s guide to camping

This lady basically works for Peterman. Check out her trivia challenge, sweetly entitled, “Lines from Great Russian Literature Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Check out this trailer for the documentary Twinsters. Incredible, no?

As someone who “allegedly” has terrible vocal fry (according to jerks on the Internet, anyway), I loved this article about how young women’s voices are being policed

Andy Erikson Stein is one of the funniest people ever, and last week, she competed on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She killed it. Here’s a very thoughtful, brave piece on how she started comedy, plus some insight on what life is like for someone with Marfan Syndrome. 

First female coach in the NFL. Boom. 


19 French words you’ve been saying wrong all these years. Touché, French people. Touché.

Can walking in nature drastically change your brain function? According to this NYT piece, yep.

I can never, ever find the right sized furniture for my space. This Yes & Yes guest post choosing the right furniture is chockfull of helpful … Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

I wish there was a service that let you rent an Italian grandma. Until then, I’ll keep watching this video of nonnas eating Olive Garden.

The actual best thing I read this week: Eleanor Roosevelt’s horrible, no good, very bad taste in food. Or was it just revenge against her philandering husband? A very fun read in White House culinary history

I especially love number 13 on this list of 20 Things to Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Your Life Better at 50.

Oh what do ya know? Another article I like about facing death in a realistic way, this time from a doctor’s perspective. Good stuff. 

More excellent advice from Sarah Von Bargen: You’re allowed to change, even if it weirds out your friends & family for a second. 

Think your opinions on taxes, social issues and politics are in the majority? Guess what? Social media Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

Yep, so advanced directives ain’t sexy, but they’re a pretty darn important thing to have. Or at least I hear that. I need to get my poop in a group and do mine. Check out Caitlin’s video to see why. Think of it like this: figuring out your advanced directives is your Hey Eleanor challenge for the day. FUN!

Ever wonder what happens when someone hires an escort? I kind of have, and it was nothing like this experience. Probably because I don’t think of 25-year-old girls hiring a boyfriend for the night. At any rate, a light and bubbly read.

How to eat on a budget while traveling. Dude… these guys nailed my numero uno tip: only one splurge-y meal a day. 

Elaine Benes gets a modern-day makeover and I love how she basically can look the exact same. Welcome back to the 90s, y’all!

The only reason … Read more


This Week’s Best Stuff on the Internet

James Murphy is doing his part to make NYC commuters’ day better by turning the subway turnstiles into a symphony. I, for one, love it.

John Stewart shares his sobering thoughts on the Charleston shooting. That guy is just so good. John, please don’t go away! We need you!

It’s hard to believe anyone would regret this decision, but okay: 42-year-old man with 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos is getting them removed, and not with a wrecking ball, either. 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech on ‘Being Liked’ might change your whole life.


A week ago, I wrote about how I’m tired of people telling me to carry a gun. Someone sent me a link to Australian comedian Jim Jefferies’ stand-up bit on the US and gun ownership, and guys, I know it’s polarizing, but he’s pretty damn funny! Lots of good points, too. 

Planning reading Grey, the … Read more