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Notes To My Younger Self

Notes To My Younger Self is helping spread the word about The Post College Survival Kit. We learned the hard way so you don’t have to! You don’t have to wait till your thirties for a better job, a cuter apartment, financial stability, better relationships + friendships. 

Sarah of Yes & Yes recently asked if I’d like join her blog crawl. As a newbie blogger, I said, “Sure!” (but I secretly thought, “Should I know what that is?”). The gist: Sarah asked some of her favey-fave bloggers to give advice to their younger selves. So, Young Molly, put down that Diet Coke (It’s full of poison and you don’t even like it that much.), pause that Postal Service CD and let’s do some learning. 

1. If you want something, ask.

This means speaking up when you’re in a packed car driving back from Lollapalooza and really, really need to … Read more