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What It’s Like to Play Capoeira for the 1st Time

Brazilian martial arts dancing? Sure, why not!

I couldn’t feel my legs after the first 10 minutes, which made the next two hours… complicated.

But I figured I better pay attention through the pain, because in an hour, I had to do this:

It’s called capoeira (cap-oh-wear-ah… you’re welcome. Those guys make it look graceful. Me? Not so much.

So how did I get here. Great question. My pal Levi wanted to try it, and as new things go, they’re almost always more enjoyable when you enlist a buddy. As you know, I am usually down for anything. Even something as horrifying as this.

As a comedy writer and improviser, Levi has zero issues getting on stage. However, he’s secretly always wanted to try dance and martial arts. I guess he feels self-conscious about doing something with his body that isn’t about getting laughs. So, we … Read more