#22. Skip US Weekly.

I feel smarter just carrying this around. 
I feel smarter just carrying this around.

It’s been a crazy few days for me– a whirlwind of a trip to New York City that ended with an engagement & an extra day and night of bumming around town. We slept in (kinda…), ate insanely expensive room service, walked the streets ’til our feet no longer functioned, and gorged ourselves on amazing food and lots of champagne. A huge thanks goes to our friend Gavin Kaysen & his team at Cafe Boulud. Our celebratory meal there was perfect, and they treated us like royalty (even though I think we were the poorest people in the dining room by at least 6 zeros. So fancy!). White truffles were involved (!), an ingredient that typically doesn’t make it to our table. In fact, watching Chunk from Goonies doing the Truffle Shuffle is about the extent of my personal experience with zee truffle. It was awesome.

ANYWAY, today we are flying back from New York. While at the airport, I realized I ought to share this easy and economical way to push yourself outside your comfort zone. I first tried this method about a year ago and now I do it every time I fly. Go to the magazine rack and buy an issue of something you’d never typically read. This go-round, I opted for Popular Mechanics, a magazine I normally associate with dudes. There were lots of graphs and techie stories, but I really loved their feature on survival secrets, A) because it’s fascinating and B) because it gave me some really scary ideas… like swimming with sharks, something I assume I will personally force myself to do in the next few months. EEEK! It’s my biggest fear.

Other recent choices include Psychology Today, Fast Company and some beautiful rag about modern interior design in Austin, Texas. It’s a simple way to lean into new possibilities, ideas and give the proverbial finger to magazines who still think we Kare about the Kardashians. Try it next time you fly & let me know what you think.


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