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I love flashes of brilliance.

You know what I’m talking about. They’re those great ideas that only seem to come when you’re in the shower, walking the dog or trying to get to sleep. Basically, whenever it’s really inconvenient to write shit down.

Anyhow, I’ve had a Hey Eleanor newsletter for quite some time, but I haven’t really been sure how to use it. Should I just highlight a favorite post from the last week? Maybe write an entirely new post exclusive to the newsletter. Try to get you guys to buy powdery junk you add to shakes that I get some sort of kickback on? No thanks.

And then, boom.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting Hey Eleanor nearly two years ago, it’s that the more you practice living outside your comfort zone, the easier it becomes. It’s changed my attitude completely. Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. Burlesque class? Sure! Palm reading by a smelly hippie? I’m in! Blood sausage for breakfast? Why not!

Life is so much more fun.

I complain less and enjoy more. I see opportunities, not obstacles. Strangers smile at me on the street, and not in a creepy way. It’s awesome.

And if you start living your life that way, I think you’ll think it’s awesome, too.

This is my first #HeyEleanorChallenge:

a weekly email encouraging you guys to take itty-bitty steps

(and the occasional big leap) outside of your comfort zone.

But since I this is week numero uno, I’m sharing on the blog, too.

Challenge #1:

Send Someone You Love a Postcard

Getting snail mail is the best… except when it’s junk mail or a dumb bill, which is 98 percent of all snail mail. Make someone’s day by sending them a postcard. Postcards are awesome because they’re typically kinda cheesy, highlight a quintessential aspect of wherever you bought them (Minnesota = loons & lakes; Florida = beaches & dudes in banana hammocks), AND they’re small, so there’s no pressure to write very much! A simple “Thinking of you! XOXOX MWAH!” totally works.

In the next week, I want you to buy a postcard and send it to someone you love. Maybe you haven’t talked to them in a while. That’s even better! The thought of  “Holy crap, what if [long-lost-relative] thinks this is weird?” will definitely fly through your brain, but trust me, that postcard will make their day. Imagine if you got one from a friend in another city? Or even your own city! You’d smile, right? Of course you would!

Here’s your mission:

1) Send postcard to someone you love

2) Snap photo of said postcard (or you sending it).

3) Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #HeyEleanorChallenge

4) Smile, ’cause you just practiced living outside your comfort zone AND DAMN IS IT FUN!

Know someone who’s stuck in a rut and just might benefit from the #HeyEleanorChallenge? How ’bout you forward this post to them.

If you want to see the next challenge, sign up for the newsletter. It’s easy, free and fun.

Looking forward to seeing what ya got. Until next week, here’s to making every day an adventure.



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