#107-110. The Time I Faced My Biggest Fear: SCUBA Diving.


I greatly dislike swimming, fish, snorkeling, going into the ocean, fast boats and especially sharks. This is why I’ve always avoided SCUBA diving…

Which is why I had to go SCUBA diving.

I took a Discover SCUBA class at the Westin Lagunamar in Cancun. Basically, it’s an hour-long pool course followed by a relatively shallow (25-30 ft) open water dive. I wasn’t committing to the full certification process before at least trying this out. I figured the chances of me having a panic attack while I was still in the pool were decently high.

I conquered many fears during my SCUBA excursion.

For starters, being filmed while in my swimsuit (#107). Then, there was the resort class (#108)– learning to breath under water, take out my regulator, clear my mask, learn the hand signals.

Other notable things? I jumped (er, fell backward) into the water in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN (eeek!), and not only that, but did it with my full SCUBA garb on (#109). What’s more, our instructor (who was an A-hole) made me go first, which meant once I made it to the bottom of the ocean, I had to wait for a few minutes by myself for the next person to join me.

I also challenged myself to touch a turtle (#110). I probably wasn’t supposed to do that, but I did.

So how was the experience? Watch this video & find out.

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