Preferences: Sauna or Hot Tub?

This week’s ridiculous question isn’t ridiculous at all. What’s your preference: saunas or hot tubs?

My stance is very Scandinavian. Sauna all the way! I love them and my dream is to have one at home. They’re supposed to be waaay good for you, plus as far as I know, people don’t hook up in a sauna. Steam room? Yep. Hot tub? Oh yeah. Sauna? No way, it’s too hot for that! Right? Or am I totally wrong?

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Comments (11)

  • Alleira 5 years ago Reply

    I had the unusual experience of growing up with a sauna in the house and now owning a house with a hot tub. Although I enjoy a good hot sauna more than the hot tub, the hot tub is much easier since it is always just THERE, waiting and ready. The sauna takes a lot of prep work. So, I guess my answer is: if I’m at a spa, sauna all the way; at home, hot tub because of ease.

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply

    Wait… did you have a fire burning sauna? And doesn’t the hot tub take all sorts of chemical-balancing sorcery? I am intrigued!

  • Jeanette 5 years ago Reply

    Sauna all the way. I love the smell. No nasty foam.

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply

    Oh god… the FOAM! Ewewew!

    I love the sauna smell as well.

  • Ashley 5 years ago Reply

    Also voting sauna! One of our friends bought a house 6 months ago, and it has either a steam room or a sauna in the master bedroom. I wish!

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply


  • Sue 5 years ago Reply

    I mean, hot tubs are nice and all, but saunas are the best!

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply

    AGREE x 1000000!

  • JR 5 years ago Reply


    I actually don’t have one yet. But they HAVE to be better than hot tubs. I had a tub for many years. I finally got tired of paying for the electricity and doing the "chemical-balancing sorcery" that was involved with the tub. All for a 20 minute dip every day or so. Just wasn’t worth it in the end.

    molly mogren katt 5 years ago Reply

    right, seems like a whole lot of work!

  • We sell both saunas and hot tubs, but I’d have to vote for the sauna. Saunas do have great health benefits, the article you linked to above is a great example of that. Just ignore the plethora of articles that say you can detox and lose weight. Those things just don’t happen.

    Also, on a side note, people do hook up in saunas, especially public ones. Just another great reason to save up for one at home! 🙂

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