#93. Picking Out My Own Engagement Ring.

Can't. Stop. Staring. At. Bright. Shiny. Object.
Can’t. Stop. Staring. At. Bright. Shiny. Object.

Yes, I helped Josh pick out my engagement ring. We shopped together and designed it together (he did all the purchasing). Though the idea of being completely surprised by a proposal is romantic, I am happy I was involved. The whole process was fun, and even though I knew the big question was to be popped, there was still plenty of surprise and romance and all that good stuff.

I’ve had a few people react with a “what’s the point of even formally proposing if you already knew?” To those people: Read the full story on my MSP Magazine Real Brides blog. It may not be traditional, but I think what happened was romantic (AND practical).

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  • Candy 7 years ago Reply

    i picked out my own engagement ring as well (also from anne sportun!) and am so glad that i did. it’s so me and i’m glad that it is because i’m going to wear this baby forever! congratulations… it’s absolutely lovely!

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