If You Could Only Watch One Sport, What Would It Be?

Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year: the Twins’ home opener.

Some of my earliest memories include being at Twins games. I still can name all the players from the ’87 & ’91 World Series. My favorite player was Kent Hrbek (my little bro was obsessed with Dan Gladden and his mullet). However, if my parents would’ve been nice enough to get us a dog as little kids, I’m sure we would’ve named it after Kirby Puckett.

Anyhow, not to brag, but I think I’ve literally been to ever home opener for the last 11 or 12 years. To me, there are few better things than eating a hot dog and drinking a cold beer on opening day.

All this said, I’ll admit I find it difficult to closely follow baseball. It’s six months long, with 162 games (that’s right, right?). In my opinion, things don’t get all that exciting until the last 2/3 of the season.

So here’s this week’s ridiculous question:

If you could only watch one sport for the rest of your life, what would it be? Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis or something else? Bonus q: What sport do you wish got more play than it currently does?

If I had to choose between watching baseball or football (hockey and basketball don’t interest me that much; same with soccer), I might have to go with football because it’s way more social. Unlike baseball, I have no emotional attachment to football, but you get to go to a bar and eat wings and sort of watch a Packers game. That’s up my alley.

As for my sport that I wish would get more play, I’m going out on a limb and saying roller derby. Women’s, preferably.

* * *

Please share you answer in the comments. PS Here’s past Ridic Qs. Have your own ridiculous question? Email it to heyeleanorproject@gmail.com.

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Comments (11)

  • Jennifer S 6 years ago Reply

    Totally tennis or maybe baseball but it’s kind of slow.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    Slow is kind of what I like about baseball. You can talk the whole time and not miss a thing!

  • Joseph 6 years ago Reply

    Without question football.

  • Lizzie 6 years ago Reply

    Irish rugby. I lived in Dublin for a spell and fell in love with it.

  • Diana 6 years ago Reply

    Hands down – gymnastics (artistic gymnastics) to both questions.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    Obviously. Saw that one coming from a mile away. What’s artistic gymnastics? Is the like Will Ferrell with the ribbons in Old School?

  • JR 6 years ago Reply

    Nothing quite like watching the fittest athletes playing the fasted sport in the world…Hockey!!

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    I’d argue NASCAR is faster…but then again, in NASCAR really a sport? 😉

  • Kathryn 6 years ago Reply

    Gymnastics!! Honorable mention goes to cycling.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    You and Diana crack me up. There should be a sports bar for gymnastics and figure skating watching only. I’d do it.

  • Bruce Mogren 6 years ago Reply

    Baseball, even though it can be a bit boring, some moments are very exciting! (And I played a lot of baseball as a kid)

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