Welcome to Hey Eleanor!

I can see Russia from here!
I can see Russia from here!

Hi! I’m Molly & I’m Living Outside My comfort Zone.

It’s scary sometimes (okay, a lot), but so fun and rewarding!

You probably found me via Melissa Joulwan’s super helpful, informative, funny and bad-ass blog, The Clothes Make the Girl. How many of us are making a for-real living doing what we love… and could do it all on roller skates if need be? Anyhow, Melissa is the best and a huge thanks to her for sending you my way.

You can learn about me here. If you don’t give a rip about that, here’s a few of the craziest, best things I’ve done since starting Hey Eleanor. For example, the time I got thrown around by a traditional Chinese healer… yikes!

* * *

I Got Rid of Most of My Clothes & Feel Awesome About It

Confession: I Have Misophonia

Last Week of Whole30 (w/ Before & After Pics!)

Why I Quit My Really Awesome Job

I Chopped Off All My Hair & Couldn’t Be Happier

I Ran My First 10k (& Why I Don’t Think I’ll Do It Again)

How Hunting Changed My Life

I Had My Past Lives Read & It Was So, So Weird!

What It’s Like to Eat an Incredibly Expensive Dinner

I Took My Husband’s Name (& How I Feel About It Surprised Me)

7 Things that Might Surprise You About Nuns

We Did Pre-Marital Counseling & the Aftermath Shocked Us

Saying Goodbye to a Best Friend

* * *

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PS If you love all things Melissa J, check out this interview I did with her. She’s a quitter and I love her for it!

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