#289 – 295. My Winter Capsule: Week Two

I look sad because I am freezing. Also, the only pic in this outfit where my hair looked dece.
I look sad because I am freezing. Also, the only pic in this outfit where my hair looked dece.

Two weeks in and I am kind of over this capsule thing for 5 specific reasons:

1) The Effing Weather!

I selected my clothes during the most gorgeous fall we’ve ever experienced in Minnesota. 50 and 60 degree days! Amazing!

However, for the last 10 days, it’s January-like temps & lots of snow (not Buffalo-style, but still). Suddenly, I don’t want to wear my grey cowboy boots or vegan leather jacket. In fact, about 25 percent of my capsule is more or less unwearable.

I was expecting it to get cold, but not this fast! Winter doesn’t even technically start for a month.


2) I Selected Clothing Hastily (also, I was being cheap).

You know when Billy Crystal launches into that speech at the end of When Harry Met Sally and it ends with something like, “When you finally realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible”? Well that’s how I felt about this capsule thing. I just wanted to start already!

I still really like most of the things I picked, but in retrospect, I should’ve thought ahead about this snap in the weather and planned accordingly. I have too many long sleeved shirts (one that aren’t good for layering) and not enough things to wear over them. That’s partially because I didn’t want to spend more money on sweaters and the like, which seemed like a thrifty idea at the time.

I could definitely use a plain, oversized cardigan or two. And maybe some fleece-lined leggings.

3) I already ruined my favorite thing.

Yep. Part of this whole deal was to buy nice things that I would take care of. So I did. For example, a $60 charcoal sweatshirt (pictured above).


Just didn’t quite realize it was 25 percent wool and I effing shrunk it in the wash! It might be salvageable, but it’s just not the same. IDIOT!

4) Shopping Follows Me Everywhere!

I spent the weeks prior to posting my wardrobe looking up links to clothes, etc. Which means every time I look at any site with ads, it’s showing me pictures of clothing I like. On sale. I don’t need to shop, shopping finds me. I am holding strong…

for the most part…

5) Shhh… I Kinda Cheated.

I absolutely can’t stand one of my pairs of jeans. They’re supposed to be skinny jeans, but I just got them hemmed and they kinda flair at the bottom, making them hard to tuck into boots. I never want to wear them. What kills me is that they’re the expensive Citizens of Humanity ones.


I swapped them out for these, which were in the tub in the basement. They’re really old and faded, but they fit inside my boots. They’re better in the summer because they’re light weight, but I can handle them ’til January 9.

Ok, and I also bought a pair of stylish winter boots because I’ve been slipping everywhere! They are so cute and I bought them with a Nordstrom gift card and I will take a pic when they arrive.

So yeah, I cheated. Having said all that…

I am still liking only having a few options.

It’s still making getting ready a breeze. And has dramatically cut down on my decision fatigue (that is a thing & you can read about it here). I really like a few of the items I have a TON. I’ve worn this shirt eight times (estimate). I just wish I had a GD cardigan to go over it.

At any rate, this is what I’ve been wearin’:

After the leaves fall off the trees, it sure gets ugly around here!
After the leaves fall off the trees, it sure gets ugly around here!

I’ve worn this twice, once to a coffee meeting and once some other time that also probably involved drinking coffee.

Black puffer jacket  *  Charcoal sweatshirt  *  Graphic tee  *  High riser mom jeans

Short black boots  *  Long necklace

Still loving this cardigan, mostly because it's one of the only warm things in my closet. 
Still loving this cardigan, mostly because it’s one of the only warm things in my closet.

I snagged this sweater three times already, which bugs me. I still like it though.

Graphic cardigan  *  Black tee  *  Black jeggings  *  Short black boots  *   Long necklace

Plaid shirt + Frye boots = One of my many lady lumberjack looks.
Plaid shirt + Frye boots = One of my many lady lumberjack looks.

I’m standing to the side because these boots are significantly cuter from the side. Not loving them anymore. I think I’m skewing more ankle boot lately. Maybe I will sell them on eBay, though they are great on a motorcycle, which is important because my husband has one… or five. Whatever.

Flannel shirt  *  Newbie skinny jeans  *  Tall motorcycle boots 

Rocking the Minnetonka Moccasin mukluk look.
Rocking the Minnetonka Moccasin mukluk look.

Saturday morning running errands and heading to a coffee shop. I’d the glasses are for my far-sightedness, but I don’t even know what that means.

I only “need” glasses when I don’t feel like putting on makeup.

P.S. Say hi to my dog, Patsy!

Scarf  *  Plaid shirt  *  Skinny jeans  *  Mukluk boots  *  Completely unnecessary glasses

Fact: people only spill on you when you're wearing white. 
Fact: people only spill on you when you’re wearing white.

Wore this to THE Garth Brooks concert. The best part was when the drunk dudes behind us spilled a full beer down my back. Hoping it doesn’t stain this beautiful white top… currently in the wash.

Scarf  *  White button down  *  High riser mom jeans  * Tall brown boots

* * *

Two weeks down, a lot more to go. Lots of mixed feelings– I am currently regretting this a little, but maybe this is just a mourning period. I can handle it; it’s just clothes.

ICYMI: Here’s what I wore last week, and here’s a link to all the stuff currently in my sparse closet.

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Comments (6)

  • Sarge in Charge 6 years ago Reply
    1. Do you have faux glasses? I ask because there is nothing I want more in this world but don’t want to subject myself to the derision of real glasses wearers ("What? Why would you CHOSE to wear glasses?" and so on). I know it is ridiculous… but the right glasses can be so cute, especially with hair or and outfit that is feeling a little meh. If those are real glasses… disregard. Slinking away in shame…

    2. I say don’t be too strict with yourself on the capsule thing. I can totally appreciate the concept but wonder: couldn’t everyone get the same benefit by carefully buying less but better stuff? I do understand that the discipline of only 30 items helps you get there, but it also adds unnecessary complication… and if it is about simplicity, isn’t it more simple just to buy what you need when you need it? So who cares if you cheat and buy some sweaters, you are still getting all of the good out it without arbitrarily limiting yourself from having the things you need.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    My glasses are SO FAKE. I love them. They’re from Eyebobs & I highly recommend going to their HQs in Mpls for a fitting.

    As with the strict thing, my hubby said the exact same thing. 😉 Also, I ruined yet another shirt. WTF!

  • Ashley 6 years ago Reply

    For the white shirt get that spray-on concentrated OxyClean in the little blue bottle. I have a white comforter and a dog, and it’s getting up there in age so I was convinced I was either going to throw it away or live with a greyed, dirty looking white comforter. Then my mom gave me that stuff to get another stain out, and lo and behold out of the washer it was like new!!

    The whole needing layers for winter thing was in the back of my mind reading about your wardrobe capsule. Esp working from home and sitting a lot…I need a lot of layers. Generally they aren’t very fashionable and most of them involve co-opting my boyfriend’s flannel shirts (they just fit over everything!). It’s hard! I agree with the note below that some refined cheating isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just look for better quality. I think the intention of only buying what you need and of better quality is half the battle in buying less.

    and I TOTALLY hear you on the targeted advertising. I get almost nothing but ModCloth ads, and now Frye boots since I am coveting a pair but need to save the cash….and the sale emails from everyone! So hard to ignore!

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    The spots came out in the wash! WEEEEE!

    I am definitely going to get a cardigan next week, end of story. 🙂

    PS Sorel boot ads are following me everywhere!

  • Kathryn 6 years ago Reply

    Most of those capsule wardrobe plans assume each season lasts exactly three months. We can’t help it that fall in Minnesota only lasts two weeks before six months of winter! I think it’s completely legit to update your fall capsule wardrobe to your winter capsule wardrobe now. No one wants you to freeze for half the winter! Cute outfits, by the way.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    I know! Fall is BARELY a season here. So sad, because it is the best season. Thanks for the kind words! xo

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