#297 – 303. My Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Week 3

The beach beats the snow. No contest.
The beach beats the snow. No contest.

When I planned my capsule wardrobe, I knew I had to factor my brother’s wedding in. It all went down last weekend in San Clemente, California. Fortunately for moi, the temps stick between 50-75. That’s excellent fall weather!

All of my clothes worked for the climate and luckily everything except the big day was pretty casual. Of course, bridesmaid dresses don’t count toward my 35 items. Just in case you are wondering.

Highs from this week:

I loved the outfits I wore in California! Just more proof that I planned for FALL, not WINTER. Oh well.

Lows from this week:

I effing shrunk another GD shirt. The striped green one. The label said lay flat to dry. I decided I was smarter than the label and dried it for 10 minutes before laying flat to dry. Big mistake. Now it’s all weird and puckered around the collar. Total rubbish. I ordered a new one because I love it so much. Whatever.

I also bought this green cardigan. Buying stuff online is always a crapshoot, and the fact that it was photographed sans model is a head scratcher, but fingers crossed I like it.

If I were smarter, I would’ve taken a bunch of pics on the beach in Cali, but truth be told, I was having too much fun to be bothered with that, so I took these pics at home.

This week’s outfits:

These jeans give me mom butt... in a good way!
These jeans give me mom butt… in a good way!

We hosted a super-de-duper casual rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding. I opted for the high waisted black jeans & my fave plaid shirt, knotted at the waist. These are the summery shoes I packed because, hey, it’s not snowing in LA. Loved this outfit.

Plaid shirt  *  High riser mom jeans  *  Shoes (similar)  *  Long necklace  *  Marc Jacobs purse

Patsy always wants in on the photos. She's my little shadow dog.
Patsy always wants in on the photos. She’s my little shadow dog.

On Friday, we did a pre-wedding bonfire on the beach. It was lovely, but chilly once the sun sank into ye olde ocean. I layered my excellent cardigan over my classy white button-down. Jeans and boots (the heel wasn’t even that annoying on the sand). Everything still stinks like a bonfire.

Cardigan  *  White button down  *Newbie skinny jeans  *   Tall brown boots 

Long necklace  *  Marc Jacobs purse

Me & my handsome hubby. PS #sharkbang
Me & my handsome hubby. PS #sharkbang

I bought this little black dress almost a year ago. Andy & Shari were going for a sort of 60s Hollywood feel & this could not have been more perfect. I absolutely 100 percent loved this dress. Unfortunately for you, it’s no longer for sale via Anthro… but I found a bunch on eBay! If you can’t find your size, Anthro is always a good bet for unique LBDs.

LBD from Anthropologie *  Black wedges  *  Black clutch (similar)  *  Earrings (similar)

Smooches for my pooches.
Smooches for my pooches.

This was my hungover in LA look. It did the job. I’m still not over TOMS, by the way.

Plaid shirt  * Newbie skinny jeans  *  TOMS

How I deal with 7 degree mornings. 
How I deal with 7 degree mornings.

The day after the I returned home from the wedding, I had a terrible cold. Sweatpants dot com. But the next day, I opted for this comfy and casual number. Met a friend for coffee, recorded a podcast, worked on the blog.

White tee  *  Charcoal sweatshirt  *  Newbie skinny jeans  *  Mukluk boots 

Marc Jacobs purse  *  Comfy as eff scarf

This sweater. It's big. It's black. It's comfy. It's covered with dog hair. 
This sweater. It’s big. It’s black. It’s comfy. It’s covered with dog hair.

I’ve worn this sweater a ton since I bought it in August. Yet somehow it hasn’t made an official appearance on the blog. I love it. My only complaint is that it’s a Patsy hair magnet. Precisely why my life is littered with lint rollers.

Big-ass Sweater  *  Newbie skinny jeans  *  Short black boots 

* * *

It’s officially the holidays! Last Thanksgiving, my mom met my now in-laws for the first time (it went very well) & I actually went shopping on Black Friday. Scary!

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  • Missed Connections: I saw one of your San Clemente ‘grams just as we were DRIVING THROUGH San Clemente.

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