#131. Do a Live, In-Studio Radio Interview.

...aaaand we'll be right back after this message from our sponsor. 
…aaaand we’ll be right back after this message from our sponsor.

Back in December, I did a live radio interview with my friends Margery and Elizabeth (mas info aqui!). Totally nerve wracking, but ended up being pretty darn fun– not unlike a regular ol’ conversation I’d have with a pal over the phone.

However, when my friend Dara asked if I would join her live in the studio for her show, Off the Menu, I was super extra nervous/super excited. Choking (not literally) when you’re face to face with someone is a whole new level of panic…. especially when it’s the face of multiple James Beard Award-winning food writer (albeit a nice one who is my friend. But seriously you guys, Dara is a big deal).  That being said, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d get to wear big headphones and talk into a huge, phallic microphone. Hmmm…. that sounded awesome. So to WCCO I headed one cold, Saturday morning.

I was Dara’s first guest.  We talked about cooking outside your comfort zone, hunting and fishing (and why us gals should do it), and more. Ten minutes flew by! Though I was a little rambly (at least in my head), it was a fantastic experience and helped me in my constant quest to find comfort speaking in front of others, even if I can’t see the audience.

And by golly (as you can see in the above photo), I DID get to wear those headphones and talk into the phallicky mic. HA!

What really made my day: A few weeks later, I ran into Dara and she told me our conversation really struck a chord with the WCCO audience & wondered if I’d come back again. Anytime!

If you missed it, you can listen to the interview here.

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