#90-91. Do a Live Radio Interview; Listen to It.

New Year's Day... I was not even hungover, I just looked like it.
New Year’s Day… I was not even hungover, I just looked like it.

Recently, I connected with fellow UW Badger & TV/radio host Elizabeth Ries.

If you’re from Minnesota, you probably know her best from Twin Cities Live or FM 107 or from an ad on the side of your bus (yes, her face is on the side of busses… and as a side note, she’s so classy, no one would dream of doing this to her).

Anyhow, Elizabeth asked me if I’d like to chat with her and her co-host Margery regarding #NoMakeupMonday.

How could I pass that up?!

Their producer, Tam, was to call me at 10:05am on December 31.

I’ve interviewed dozens of people on my own podcast, but being an interviewee is a totally different ballgame. I just hoped I wouldn’t choke or swear or blabber on about boring stuff. When the phone rang, I answered. And aside from holding until they introduced me, the interview was not unlike a really enjoyable conference call. I thought it went pretty well and I wasn’t as nervous as I’d expected.

The next day, the Beyonce wanted to hear the interview.

I told him where to find it online. He asked me to listen with him. Because I am human, I cringe at the sound of my own voice, so I poured myself a mimosa (it was New Year’s Day, so that is totally acceptable), took a deep breath and listened. Yep, I think the interview was a-okay.

You can listen to the whole shebang here. Thanks for having me on, Margery and Elizabeth!

* * *

PS Since this, I have done lots of live radio, including this interview with Dara Moskowitz. And then there was the time I interviewed Trisha Yearwood and wasn’t starstruck at all.

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  • L.Shanna 7 years ago Reply

    This was how I learned about your blog! Totally love it and can’t wait to find some inspiration on it for myself. Yay Eleanor!

  • molly mogren 7 years ago Reply

    Thanks! Glad ya found me & Eleanor. 🙂

  • Catherine 7 years ago Reply


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