Links that Sucked Me Down the Rabbit Hole

Allen & Alinea = not only a fascinating project, but one that ends with an important lesson. Worth watching the 12 minute video. 

An epic yearbook photo prank that required the comedic patience of Andy Kauffman.

We might not have an English equivalent of the Danish term hygge, but I guarantee if you live anywhere cold and snowy, you know it when you see it. This winter’s goal: have a little more hygge in my life. 

This guy really puts it all out there in such a real, brave, vulnerable way that I have no doubt that he’s getting laid right this second. 

A thoughtful look into a year without alcohol from a former “light social drinker.” 

Are you listening to the Serial podcast? If you’re not, you should. And if you are, you might like this look at the show’s most captivating aspect

These twins: creepy or sweet? You be the judge

And last but not least, it looks like I’m not the only one who geeked out over Ken Burns’ series, The Roosevelts. 

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  • Lizzie 6 years ago Reply

    The link for the Allen & Alinea project led me to a busted Pocket page. Nuts! But I found this video about it, which, despite being 12 minutes instead of 6, is pretty dang awesome:

    Lizzie 6 years ago Reply

    Aaaaand now that the blog post page has loaded fully, I see the video itself at the top. Facepalm.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    hahaha, oops! I will fix that. And yeah, maybe I was thinking in "dog minutes" or something.

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