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Ross Everett really hits the nail on the head in this all about T-Swift video.

I’m nodding my head in agreement regarding this story of travel & narcissism… while simultaneously planning my honeymoon to Australia (a destination partially chosen because it’s my “last continent.” When I was in Antarctica….). He makes some great points on what travel has become. However, I think people just having the gumption to GO somewhere deserves a round of applause. 

Remember how I said I wasn’t buying clothes ’til January 9th? Well, whoopsies I bought these. Athleta makes an unlined pair that I love, but are too light for winter Then, this lined pair came out. Purchased & I have no regrets!!!!!


Did you ever see this movie? I’m watching it again right now and it’s so good!

I forgot to mention in last week’s newsletter (all about gratitude, btw), that I am so thankful for you folks following me on my Hey Eleanor trek. So THANK YOU. Please enjoy this clip from Bad Grandpa as a token of my gratitude. Spoiler alert: it’s a little boy, not a little girl. 

P.S. Send your good everythings to Nora, Ralphie, Aaron & their people. They could use it. 


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  • shane 6 years ago Reply

    Australia is the place to be, you will love Sydney 🙂

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