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First things first:

I think this dog & I have a lot in common.

It’s been a fantastic week– I got rid of so much crap (more on that tomorrow), ate at the best new restaurant in town, guest hosted on myTalk107’s Weekly Dish and stuffed my face with a ton of donuts (not recommended). I also found all this excellent stuff on the Internet. Enjoy!

A thought-provoking look at the disease of being busy

Cast iron pans are great, but they seem tricky to care for. Gracias to Serious Eats for demystifying these cast iron myths. Apparently, you CAN wash them. Who knew?!

The most beautiful city on earth = Cape Town, as seen from the air. Spoiler alert: sharks!

I know this is a buzzkill, but come on. Why do we give kids so much sugar?

80s Aerobics and Taylor Swift! What’s not to love?

I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed at this.

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