#233. I Ran with the Bulls (& Lived to Tell the Tale)

When I discovered the Great Bull Run was making a stop in the Twin Cities, I nearly barfed. Few things are more “hey eleanor-y” than running with the bulls! I mean, people die and/or are gored doing that in Spain every year, right? Even though I knew I’d probably die, I had to do it. 

Reasons I was scared:

1. It’s running with 2,000-pound bulls.
2. It was the weekend before my wedding.
3. It’s running with 2,000-pound bulls.

I spent about a week hemming and hawing over whether or not to sign up, but after reading through the Great Bull Run’s FAQs, I decided it couldn’t possibly be as dangerous as it sounded.

Here’s why:

1. The track is only 1/4 of a mile. There are plenty of safety nooks to hop into if you get too close to the bulls.
2. They say the bulls want nothing to do with people and avoid them at all costs.
3. They claim bulls run past you at 35 mph, which sounds really scary… but also means they pass you in three seconds. Although they release three waves of bulls, that’s still less than 10 seconds of even being near them.


You are still running with bulls!

So, I rounded up a few girlfriends (and the husband, who wore the GoPro) and off we went to Elk River to run. With bulls. Watch what happened in the YouTube video above.

Spoiler alert:

The scariest part of this entire thing was the traffic jam entering the parking lot. The second scariest thing were the [drunk] people running the race. The chances of you getting trampled to death by eight bros slamming Bud Light Lime tallboys vs an actual bull is probably 3000 : 1. I did see a few dudes get trampled, but they were asking for it and walked away sans major injury. 

The experience was fun, but definitely not as scary as this, this and especially this. It was waaaay less scary (and stupid) than running with actual bulls in Spain. Perdoname, but the people who do that are a bunch of f*&$ing idiots

Please feel free to share the dumbest thing you’ve done on purpose in the comments below. 

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